Barracuda Championship

Friday, July 15, 2022

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Scott Jamieson

Quick Quotes

Q. As it stands, 15 points after two rounds. Can you just sum up your 36 holes here at the Barracuda?

SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, a real mixed bag to be honest. Had a real interesting start yesterday and was able to turn it around, so thank God for Stableford yesterday after the second hole.

Then yeah, today was really solid, really good on the front nine. Hit some really good shots on the back nine, as well, but didn't quite take my chances. A bit disappointed now, made a couple of late bogeys. No, obviously in good position, so overall I'm happy.

Q. You mentioned the format, as well. In stroke play maybe a bogey-double bogey start like that would really ruin a round, but in this format you have the opportunity to come back. What are your thoughts on the format and how did that maybe sort of help you out over the two days?

SCOTT JAMIESON: Yeah, if you're 3- or 4-over after two holes, then you feel like you're thinking about if you can get to the airport on Friday night at that point. The format definitely allows you to -- I think I made three birdies and then I was -- technically at best, level par if not over par at the turn but I had two points on the board, so at that point I'm actually doing okay.

You've obviously still got to make the birdies to get it back, but my caddie has played this format a few times before, and he was really good. He told me like just stay patient, you're going to have some chances. Thankfully it worked out well that way.

Q. With this format have you had to adjust how you would normally tackle a golf course? Are you being a bit more aggressive or are you just playing the way you play?

SCOTT JAMIESON: No, just playing golf. Just playing golf. You are maybe aware whether it's a birdie putt or even a bogey putt that it's a two-point swing at that point if you're to miss it or make it. But I don't think you can really change your strategy much.

Q. Just a word on the golf course; it's quite a spectacular setting here, isn't it.

SCOTT JAMIESON: It's unbelievable. Yep, I'm having a great week. It's one of the most beautiful places I think I've ever been.

Yeah, if you have a bad hole, it's nice, you can just look out and realize how lucky you really are.

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