Barracuda Championship

Friday, July 15, 2022

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Kevin Tway

Quick Quotes

Q. 15 points today, 21 points overall. Go back to No. 8. You drove it out of bounds, you make up making the putt. Talk us through that.

KEVIN TWAY: Yeah, hit 3-wood, hit it a little far, I guess, and landed by the green and it kept rolling. Pretty disappointed in that. Hit a 3-wood again and holed a crazy flop shot, which I was pretty lucky.

Q. We saw your dad out here sort of hiding around the golf course. How much do you talk with your father Bob about day-to-day and how to prepare and how to go about your business?

KEVIN TWAY: All the time. He comes out probably 15 tournaments a year. It's nice to have him here. He did this for 30 plus years, so he kind of knows what's going on, so he's a good brain to pick.

Q. What sort of advice has he given you this week? You're 122nd in the FedExCup standings. The year is coming to a grinding halt. What sort of advice has he given you to get to the end of the year?

KEVIN TWAY: One shot at a time. Pretty cliche. But just fairways and greens, and if you play well, everything takes care of itself, so just going to keep it simple.

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