Barracuda Championship

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Hurly Long

Quick Quotes

Q. A couple good weeks here on the PGA TOUR in the co-sanctioned events. How would you describe what went well for you these two weeks and recording a couple of good finishes?

HURLY LONG: Yeah, it's been a lot of fun. My game was solid. I hit a lot of good shots. Putting was solid, too. That's the Word that I would describe or use to describe it. It was very solid, a lot of good shots. Good off the tee, and I felt like this course suited me, too, because there was a lot of low fades off the tee, and that happens to be my favorite shot.

Yeah, big-time honor to play on the PGA TOUR. Even more honored to do decently well.

Q. What do you think kind of inspired you to come play these two weeks? Had it been on your radar for the season or did you make the decision the last couple weeks?

HURLY LONG: No, it was definitely on my radar. PGA TOUR is the goal. I love the DP World Tour and I'll always come back there even if I have a PGA TOUR card, but this is what I dreamed of growing up. The chance to get a PGA TOUR card, I'm not going to miss that.

Q. When did it become your dream would you say? How old were you?

HURLY LONG: Since I can remember. One, two, since I could think.

Q. You started playing golf when you were super little?

HURLY LONG: I did, yeah. My dad is a pro so he started me real young, and I'm very grateful for that.

Q. What has been your favorite moment of these couple weeks of this stretch playing out here?

HURLY LONG: I don't know if there's just one moment. They're so different, these two weeks, but I enjoyed both of them. This is more of a challenging course, whereas the other one you could go make a lot of birdies, which I enjoyed both. Two great weeks. Lake Tahoe is beautiful; that's for sure. It's a good tournament to have my girlfriend out. It was very nice at the lake one day.

Q. Speaking of the Korn Ferry TOUR finals, you're going to plan to play in those. When did that come on your radar as something that could be possible? Did you think about it after last week?

HURLY LONG: Yeah, I definitely thought about it after last week. I didn't know exactly how it worked. I think it's top 200 or something. After my fourth-place finish -- obviously last week I had a chance to win, so that would have made things a little easier, but it put me in a good spot, and I think this should be enough to get me there.

Yeah, I started thinking about it probably midway through the tournament last week.

Q. It's a three-event series where the top 25 will get on the PGA TOUR. How cool is it to have the opportunity to go play a three-event series to get your TOUR card?

HURLY LONG: It's big. It's huge. Especially now with the tours like combining, forming the strategic alliance or partnership now, it gives you a chance from Europe. So far it was more like you've got to get into the majors and do well, which I think I can do, but it's way more difficult. This opportunity we've been given, it's very cool.

Q. Your name, could you explain the origins of going by Hurly?

HURLY LONG: Yeah, so Hurly is my middle name. It's actually Herlihy, which was my grandfather's. It's an Irish name. I just go by Hurly and I've gone by that all my life.

Q. Do some people call you your original --

HURLY LONG: Yeah, my mom, my sister, my stepdad, and that's about it.

Q. They call you --


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