Barracuda Championship

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Alex Noren

Quick Quotes

Q. Overall just an incredible week. I know you're just short. Walk me through that week and how you can reflect on what took place.

ALEX NOREN: Yeah, it's amazing. I love this course. It was pretty tricky today with the wind. It's been a roller coaster of a week, obviously, but when you make the cut, you think, well, this is a great week anyway, and then I played good on the weekend and had a blast today.

Q. Your birthday, like you just mentioned, having to go through some drama with the Open, but you're finishing very well here. In the end was it still worth it for you to come here?

ALEX NOREN: No, it was. If it was another tournament, I might not have gone here, but I just love this week, and I wanted to have a vacation at home with the kids before the Playoffs start. I wanted to be able to grab some points, either at the Open or here. I didn't want to just sit out the Open and then having to add a week.

Yeah, it's tough to come up one short, but it's how it goes.

Q. What's up next for you?

ALEX NOREN: I've got three weeks off, then Playoffs.

Q. What does this do for you going into those Playoffs knowing that you're contending out here on the PGA TOUR?

ALEX NOREN: I had a good spring and then not the best maybe the last month, but then I came back and played pretty good golf at the Scottish Open and better here.

Yeah, I want to get in -- last time I was just outside Atlanta, and maybe this year with some good playoff golf.

Q. You started this week, your 40th birthday and decided to come here. Take us through the entire week.

ALEX NOREN: Yeah, waking up on Tuesday -- no, Wednesday, playing here, I was excited. Nobody withdrew, and I thought I made the right decision. In the end I did.

Then on Thursday my agent texts me in the middle of the night, I've got jet lag, woke up at like 2:00 with a text message like Rose withdrew. Coming out here I started par-bogey, like oh, my God, I can't believe this. I love this place, and I had a bunch of friends here, and I love the crew here, and they always support me. Well, last time I was here. Yeah, it's an amazing place.

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