Barracuda Championship

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

Vincent Norrman

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome Vincent Norrman to the interview room here at the Barracuda Championship. Before we talk about this week, we're going to go back to last week capturing your first PGA TOUR win. Have you had time to let it kind of sink in, feel real to think about it now.

VINCENT NORRMAN: Not really, yeah. It's been a few fast days. Traveling on the Monday and got to the hotel late Sunday night. But we had a few nice dinners and I called my family and stuff. It was just amazing.

I feel like I got a lot of support from all of Sweden, which has been pretty amazing. Yeah, I think after this stretch of events I'll sit down and kind of realize what I've done, I guess.

THE MODERATOR: You mentioned you were going to have a nice dinner Sunday. You would have it with your caddie, girlfriend and brother?

VINCENT NORRMAN: Yeah, it wasn't too fancy. We didn't have many options. We got in like at like 11 o'clock. Nothing was open. So I had Wendy's for the first time in my life. (Laughing.)

But, yeah, it was amazing to have everyone there and kind of celebrate together, I guess.

THE MODERATOR: Following this week what is the plan for then to celebrate that first win?

VINCENT NORRMAN: Yeah, I'm going to go back to Tallahassee when I get the chance and see everyone there. Everyone that helped me at Florida State and all my friends there now.

Then hopefully following that I'll go back to Sweden and see my friends and family back home and celebrate with them.

THE MODERATOR: Greenside what was it like to see your girlfriend who surprised you, drove down from Ohio? What a surprise was that?

VINCENT NORRMAN: Yeah, it was amazing. I had no idea she was going to come. I thought she was -- I told my caddie that morning, Yeah, she's on a flight back to Sweden right now. And he's like, Yeah. Here she is, okay. (Laughing.) And I walked up the green and she was stood right there and I kind of -- I think it helped me a lot to not think about the playoff. I had no thoughts about that really, other than I was happy to see her.

THE MODERATOR: When did you see or first realize that she was there at the tournament?

VINCENT NORRMAN: When we walked off the 72nd hole. My caddie is like, Oh, look whose here. And I'm like, Where? Where should I look? She's like right in front of me. And it was amazing.

THE MODERATOR: That week during competition or especially other weeks do you kind of follow along with her scores during a round or it's kind of just always after a round to see what scores she posted?

VINCENT NORRMAN: No, I probably follow her a little too much, maybe. No, obviously I'm one of her biggest fans and she's doing great. I'm very happy for her and everything she's doing.

It's fun too I can kind of compete with her. We have some side bets every week, I feel like. And it could be whatever. Who does the food when we get home or who buys dinner or whatever.

THE MODERATOR: Being a fellow professional do you guys talk golf or it's like when you're off the course or back at home it's kind of no golf talk?

VINCENT NORRMAN: It's, we try to stay away from it as good as we can. But golf is very hard game and you have bad weeks and that's when she's been really good with me and to be there. She knows what we're going through and I know what she's going through when she's not playing her best.

So I feel like it's easier when you play well to kind of just ride the wave and everything's good. But it's in tough times you have someone to talk to, which is great.

THE MODERATOR: Sunday you mentioned, with your caddie, you guys talked about everything but golf in between shots. What are many some things he does to maybe keep your mind off of being stressed?

VINCENT NORRMAN: Yeah, we talk a lot about -- I don't even know what we talk about, to be honest with you. He has a young kid back home, four years old. So we talk a lot about what he's doing and what his plans are for the summer. I talk about my family. He knows them pretty well. We try to stay away from golf a little bit and try to enjoy the time out here and enjoy life.

THE MODERATOR: What words of congratulations did fellow Swedish player Ludvig have for you after the win?

VINCENT NORRMAN: No, he texted me and he said something like, I'm almost crying right now. I'm so happy for you. (Laughing.) I'm sure he will win here very soon too with how good he's playing.

THE MODERATOR: He's going to be your roommate in Tallahassee. Is he already or when is the move-in date for -- you guys still planning to be roommates?

VINCENT NORRMAN: I think we're planning on it. We'll see what happens. If he still wants come. If we're nice enough to him. (Laughing.) Maybe towards the winter. I know he's staying in Lubbock for a little time to kind of settle down. And I know he's playing a lot of events, which can be stressful and he's on the road. So we'll see once the kind of the FedExCup is over and where we are in life.

THE MODERATOR: You mentioned with your team you guys were going to kind of reassess after Sunday about other goals for the season and career after capturing that first win. Have you guys been able to kind of talk or plan out goals for this week or the rest of the season yet?

VINCENT NORRMAN: Yeah, I think we want to -- I mean, obviously keep going and trying to climb up on the FedExCup as much as we can. This helped us a lot to move up a few spots. But I think, I mean, we're playing good, obviously, so we want to keep capitalizing on that and try to make the playoffs.

THE MODERATOR: Tournament debut here. What have you seen and liked of the course so far?

VINCENT NORRMAN: I just played the back nine this morning and it's beautiful. Some of the views are amazing. It's quite a tricky course. It's pretty tight off the tee. You need some good tee shots and the greens are pretty big and small sections you need to hit for those pins. So I think it's a really good test.

THE MODERATOR: Different format for the week. What prior experience do you have playing with this format?

VINCENT NORRMAN: I actually have never done anything like this. I guess it's like a birdie game back home with your friends and that I play in Tallahassee. We play a lot of birdie games. Birdies are worth a little more than normal, I guess. So yeah, just try to be aggressive and make some birdies this week.

THE MODERATOR: Finally, have you been able to look around at the area at all here in Truckee or Tahoe area.

VINCENT NORRMAN: Yeah, we've been on a small hike. Just by where we're staying. I'm staying with Marcus this week again, a fellow Swede. So I think we're going to go look at Lake Tahoe tomorrow morning. We're off in the afternoon. Maybe jump in there. Kind of explore there a little bit.

THE MODERATOR: You've been spotted at coffee shops. I know you're a coffee guy. What's your go-to coffee order?

VINCENT NORRMAN: I like a flat white. That's my favorite. I also like, when it's hot out, I like a cold brew. Really enjoy that. But, yeah, I like all kinds of coffee, to be honest. (Laughing.)

THE MODERATOR: All right. Thank you.

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