Barracuda Championship

Thursday, July 20, 2023

Truckee, California, USA

Tahoe Mountain Club

S.Y. Noh

Quick Quotes

THE MODERATOR: Posting 23 for the opening round. What did you like, what made it seem so effortless.

S.Y. NOH: Playing in the afternoon, starting in the afternoon, the greens are getting firmer. And then a little windy, always windy in the afternoon. So unexpected playing like 23 points a day the first day. But it's playing pretty good. Even a couple missed shots off the tee. But putting's pretty good today. So everything is going pretty good today.

THE MODERATOR: Does anything change for the morning round?

S.Y. NOH: For tomorrow? I don't think so. Just keep the same thing. Just same plan. Everything was trying to like be the same as today. But playing really good today, hopefully playing good, of course, tomorrow. But I think it's really hard to keep playing good, like shoot 9-under, and then two days in a row. So I'm just patient tomorrow. Then, yeah, trying to be the same as today.

THE MODERATOR: Round was highlighted by three eagles on all the par-5s. Have you ever had that in a round?

S.Y. NOH: I never make three eagles in my career overall in my career. So it's first time ever make three eagles. Especially like on three par-5s. So, it's just so much fun to play today.

THE MODERATOR: With this format did it allow you to play more aggressive, especially maybe on those par-5s or nothing really changed?

S.Y. NOH: Not really, nothing changed. Just keep same thing. Every hole, every single shot. It's just better result today. So, even hitting three greens on three par-5s, but even like one of the tap-in eagle, but one other one was over 30 feet. The other one was maybe 15, 18 feet. But it's not the close to the pin. But I putted pretty good today so I made three eagles.

THE MODERATOR: Earlier this season you've had other opening rounds where you've gone low. What have been takeaways from those low opening rounds?

S.Y. NOH: Yes, is it like two months ago, Byron Nelson, maybe less than two months. I shot 11-under on the first day out. Then when I hit, when I shot 60 on the first day, I mean, like, oh, I hope this is like this on Sunday in the future. But, again, it's just first day, but still a lot of confidence. It should hope to come on Sunday in the future again. So just keep playing every single shot, focus on every single shot especially this week and after a good chance on the first day, so hopefully better every day.

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