Sanderson Farms Championship

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Sebastian Muñoz

Quick Quotes

Q. How has this week been? Has the week been fun as you come back defending champion?

SEBASTIAN MUÑOZ: Yeah, absolutely. I get to see old faces, great memories. I don't know, the energy of this place, I really like it, and I just kind of grow under it. I just kind of thrive under it.

Q. Were you a little nervous about how you were going to play today? Obviously everybody wants to defend their title, but were you a little nervous starting today?

SEBASTIAN MUÑOZ: Not really. I just kind of tricked myself into thinking I was not the defending champion maybe, just kind of thinking it was another tournament at a course that I really like, and it's been working so far, so I'll keep doing that.

Q. What is it about this golf course that really fits your eye?

SEBASTIAN MUÑOZ: You know, the layout is really good. You have to hit drivers both left to right and right to left, and I like to control my ball, and then the greens are pure, so kind of where you start it it's going to finish. That's something I really like about that.

Q. When you see 8-under scores already out there before you even tee off, how does that affect you and what did that -- how did that impact you today?

SEBASTIAN MUÑOZ: I mean, I knew it was gettable, just seeing the guys get it that low. I knew it was doable, and you just kind of need to get a hue, and I did, I started with a birdie, almost jarred it from 100 yards, so that just kind of gave me the confidence, I got a quick start, 4-under through 5, and it kind of slowed down, but then I matched it again on the back. I don't know, sometimes I just ride the momentum. One good shot kind of feeds me for two, three holes.

Q. What happened on the shot on 9?

SEBASTIAN MUÑOZ: I was in a divot and there was more wind than I thought, so I kind of went down to get it and just spun too much and got kind of hanging in the end and came up short.

Q. And then 13 you got another heater, right?

SEBASTIAN MUÑOZ: Yeah, good shot on 13, a baby 7-iron just to get it rolling all the way to the back, and I just kind of fed off of that and birdied 14, 15 and 16.

Q. What do you think was the highlight for you today? Is there a certain shot that sticks out in your mind?

SEBASTIAN MUÑOZ: I think probably my wedge on 1. It just kind of like set the tone for the day. Good solid driver and then almost jarred it for an eagle, so I felt pretty good after that.

Q. How would this round compare to the ones you had last year after you won?

SEBASTIAN MUÑOZ: You know, it reminded me a lot of when I shot 9-under. I was definitely trying to get to that number again. I felt like this one -- I mean, I don't know. It felt like this -- they were pretty similar. I remember the last one was bogey-free, this one I made one bogey. I think that one I played a little better golf. I had a really good chance for eagle on 15, but I parred it. I don't know, I feel pretty solid in both of them, but I feel that one was a little better.

Q. What did you do with the trophy?

SEBASTIAN MUÑOZ: The trophy, I put it on the club I'm a member at for like six months, and recently like the last two months I moved it to my house.

Q. Where in the house?

SEBASTIAN MUÑOZ: It was in the gym, now it's in the front, like as soon as you walk in the house you can see it.

Q. What's the name of the club?

SEBASTIAN MUÑOZ: Maridoe Golf Club.

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