Sanderson Farms Championship

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

MJ Daffue

Quick Quotes

Q. Pretty nice round out there, 7-under. Was it as flawless as it looked on the scorecard?

MJ DAFFUE: I would say 90 percent, yes. You know, I hit the ball really good. I've been making some changes as far as equipment and stuff like that to get a little bit better tee to green. Putting has been as good as it's been. Yeah, I mean, in all honesty, I had a few more good looks, but you never can complain.

Q. How satisfying was it to birdie the last and get to that 7-under number?

MJ DAFFUE: Yeah, it was good. I was hoping to get to that 7, and I had a chance on 15 and 16 and 17, and on 18 I had a number and I played short of the number, getting a little dark and out of the rough, so I played for a flier, which I did get, but with the rough, with the light, I couldn't really see or judge. So I thought it was like long and it landed like nice in the middle of the green and rolled up to four feet. Sometimes when you plan, it comes together, it's good.

Q. You've done a lot of Monday qualifying to get in a lot of tournaments, successful again this week, obviously. What sort of pressure is there to get a way to a good start on Thursday, the first round of a tournament?

MJ DAFFUE: Yeah, I mean, obviously I think it helps having a great start. I think it's a could nun drum or double blade sword if you try to get off to a good start and you don't. You've just got to look at the tournament as a whole and pretend you're going to be there on Sunday and chip away at a number or a game plan that you play. Obviously I've had some good finishes getting into these events and made most of the cuts, and I think for me it's all about trying to forget about trying to make all the points to get temporary membership at once. If I play good enough, it will happen. If I can just stick with the process and chip away and back myself to get into more events, and hopefully the tournament directors are seeing what I'm doing, I pretty much think it's a world record, so hopefully they're nice and maybe I can get into some more events and just keep playing. But I'm really fortunate to be out here and I'm having fun. It's awesome. I have a six-week-old baby at the house and I miss him so much, but it's just nice to know that there's something bigger for when you get off the course.

Q. You had the last tee time today, finishing almost in the dark. Game plan for tomorrow? You'll have fresh greens.

MJ DAFFUE: Yeah, not anything different. Sometimes being a Monday qualifier is a good thing because we tee off last in the morning, it's going to be a little warmer, still fresh greens, so I'm excited. Hopefully I can just execute the same game plan. I've got a good caddie on the bag this week. He's a member out here, so I have a little bit of inside scoop. Like I said, going to eat some burger tonight, what a burger or something.

Q. What's your caddie's name?

MJ DAFFUE: Austin Rose. He used to play at Mississippi State, just down the road.

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