Sanderson Farms Championship

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Mito Pereira

Press Conference

THE MODERATOR: We would like to welcome Mito Pereira to the virtual interview room here at the Sanderson Farms Championship. You're making your first appearance here, just what are some general thoughts after seeing the course for the first few days?

MITO PEREIRA: Yeah, the course is really nice, greens are amazing, so I think if you can get some good strokes on putting it will be a good week. You got to drive the ball well, this rough can be tough sometimes, so but overall really nice course, I hope I can do my best.

THE MODERATOR: You're coming off a strong finish last week, solo third, great start to the season over in Napa. Just some thoughts about last week and heading into this week.

MITO PEREIRA: Yeah, I played really solid golf last week in Napa, great week to start the year off. I think playing in a couple events last year or last season helped a lot to get in more experience and be more confident playing on this TOUR. So just happy with the result and trying to do the same this week.

THE MODERATOR: What does it mean to be riding this momentum, especially from your three-victory promotion from Korn Ferry and then having a great start with a couple of your starts here on the PGA TOUR? What are just big takeaways that you've learned as you start going into the season?

MITO PEREIRA: Yeah, I mean it's been crazy, crazy year, starting from the COVID that they said they were going to do this two season in one. So been playing really solid, it's great to be here, it's a dream to play here, it's a dream to play good here, so I'm just happy with everything that's happening right now.

THE MODERATOR: Do you have any specific goals you've set for the season?

MITO PEREIRA: I'm more of a guy to go like week-to-week, but, yeah, of course we got like keep your PGA TOUR card or get to East Lake will be a really big deal for me for the end of the season. Why not get a win? (Laughing).

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Curious about what your performance towards the end of the PGA TOUR season last year and then into the Olympics, what did that do for your confidence going into this year going forward?

MITO PEREIRA: Yeah, I mean, it's a boost to the confidence, but I think it's more like being, like playing that well it makes me like obviously confident, but to trusting myself that playing this TOUR I can just do it if I play well with my game. So it's pretty good to know that and to be able to play well and have good results.

Q. How would you compare the differences in the Korn Ferry TOUR and the PGA TOUR and what's the transition been like for you to go from Korn Ferry to PGA in the last year?

MITO PEREIRA: I think it's more like getting here everything's bigger. I mean more galleries, more crowd, there's some better things here. But I think if you can take those away and try to play like you're playing the Korn Ferry or even in other events, you can just play real good golf and have good results, it's not like something impossible to do. So that's a good thing to have.

Q. You've gotten a look at the course a little bit, everyone who is played here has just been gushing about it. What's your take from the course and why does it set up so well and why do people seem to love it so much on TOUR?

MITO PEREIRA: I think it's just in great shape. I mean the fairways are great, the greens are amazing, so I think if you play well here you got a lot of chances to go low, but there are some tricky shots that you have to hit and to be focused on every hole.

THE MODERATOR: For those unfamiliar with your game, what would you use to describe your game? Ball striking, putting, how would you describe your style of play.

MITO PEREIRA: I would say ball striking is my strength. Off the tee driver is good too. Putting, I guess I have really good weeks and that's why I've been having good results. I think if you can just, if I can putt well, the result will come. So I would say the strength is ball striking, but I can get some sneaky good weeks putting.

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