Sanderson Farms Championship

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Kurt Kitayama

Quick Quotes

Q. Bogey-free, great way to start the round. Or start the tournament. What are your thoughts on how it came together?

KURT KITAYAMA: Yeah, it was really solid. I was able to take advantage of when I hit the fairway I think and I got my speed on the greens, that was really solid and I think bogey-free around here is anywhere really is just really good.

Q. Bit of a crazy time for you, you made it through in the final 125, can you describe what the last month has been like?

KURT KITAYAMA: Yeah, pretty hectic because immediately after I got my card I went to Wentworth to play the European event and then I had, like unfortunate my caddie got COVID and I missed the cut there and then traveling from there back. And so having a week off last week was kind of nice to settle down and just take a week off.

Q. The European Tour, you've experienced some great success there with some wins, what sort of keys do you take from those experiences now as you embark on the PGA TOUR?

KURT KITAYAMA: I think just being uncomfortable. Like traveling, not knowing the language or the different foods, trying to get around the country without speaking the language and finding the right food to eat, it's all new. And taking that experience and because this is new, to be full-time member here and still trying to get comfortable.

Q. Speaking of being comfortable, at Fortinet you missed the cut. Would you say that you were a little bit uncomfortable there and maybe that's changed this week?

KURT KITAYAMA: Maybe a little bit. I think there's like a lot going on and I had to find a new caddie that week and then a lot of travel, because that didn't help, but definitely taking that uncomfortable experience there and using it here definitely helps.

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