Sanderson Farms Championship

Friday, October 1, 2021

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Stephan Jaeger

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you assess your round out there today?

STEPHAN JAEGER: It was good, it was solid. Hit a bunch of good shots and hit a lot more greens today than I did yesterday, which kind of took the pressure a little bit off my short game and my putting. So once again I stroked the ball well, read the lines well and yeah I'm in a good spot walking into the weekend.

Q. It's got to help when somebody shoots 11-under you guys feed off each other.

STEPHAN JAEGER: It helps when you're playing good, it does not when you're not. If you're scraping it around you're like, just get me off the golf course. But he hit a bunch of good shots, obviously he shot 61, so we kind of made some birdies together and like you said, fed off each other a little bit during the course of the round.

Q. Do you feel like this is kind of the continuation from last year on the Korn Ferry?

STEPHAN JAEGER: Yeah, I mean, I feel comfortable. I have my scheduling down. I think I was a little too anxious to play last week, I think the two-year season it was finally there and I was there I was ready, I was grinding Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and it kind of ran out of steam there coming Friday. But I'm happy here, I like this golf course, I've played decent here before. I like this area. The greens are unbelievable. So any time you get to know a putt is going in with three feet to go it's a pretty cool feeling.

Q. What have you taken away from your two times on the PGA TOUR before that you're going to maybe learn from and use to help you this time around?

STEPHAN JAEGER: Yeah, I think it's just being more comfortable with what my game is. It was actually you can tell that Will and I play totally different games, he mashes it and he is straight and long, which is a good combo. I would say I'm probably a pretty good chipper and putter. So it is what it is and I think I've kind of realized that I got to play to my strength and if I have a good week that I hit it good, I'm going to be up there in contention. So that's kind of the motto going forward.

Q. You guys have so much success on the KFT. Have you and Will played together and really hit it off like you did today?

STEPHAN JAEGER: We played maybe once together in the short season that he had out there. But we've played a bunch of tournaments together. So we obviously kind of competed a lot against each other for six months or so. But to see what he's done over the last year or so is pretty special. So kind of gives you motivation to do the same.

Q. Two weeks ago, being almost too keyed up to play, what did you tell yourself in the last two weeks to calm yourself down and get into that zone where you can actually perform?

STEPHAN JAEGER: You said it, calm down. And I don't blame myself for being excited to play, like I said, it's been along two years that we -- and I've known for six or eight months that I knew I had my TOUR card, so then you're like, Hey, okay, I'm ready for the TOUR, I'm ready for the TOUR, I'm ready for Napa. And then Napa comes and you're like Oh, shit, I'm here, you know, let's, I got to get all my work in, blah, blah, blah. So I've just kind of done what I've done the last year and a half, same routine, try to do the same routine, but it just kind of got a little out of hand starting forward. But you learn from it and if I'm excited at a major at some point maybe I'll learn from that and be like, Hey, calm down, do your thing, same thing, and do what you normally do. So I'm glad it happened.

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