Sanderson Farms Championship

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Matthew Wolff

Quick Quotes

Q. I asked Will this yesterday, did you watch the Ryder Cup?

MATTHEW WOLFF: I watched a little bit of it. The first couple days I didn't watch just because I don't really feel like singles and Sunday is the most exciting thing, but we were winning by so much that I didn't really tune in that much because I knew we were going to win but it was cool to see what they did though it was a historic performance and I'm happy for all of them.

Q. Obviously you're one of America's best young players, do you feel like that's a team that you've kind of got your eye on for the future?

MATTHEW WOLFF: Absolutely. Yeah, I mean I feel like definitely in the future I'm looking to be part of that team and hopefully keep on bringing the cup back to the United States, but for now it just happened so I'm kind of just happy to be out here for another season on the PGA TOUR and I feel like my game's finally starting to come around and I'm working on the right things and not only that but I just feel like I'm in a better happier spot than I was last year. So even when stuff isn't going my way I feel like I'm handling it a little better now and stuff. So like I said it's awesome to play well and yeah I feel like I can definitely be a Ryder Cup player in the future but for right now I'm going to stay in the present and just be happy with being out here.

Q. How do you cultivate that happier mindset? Do you and George talk about mindset and just sort of, hey, man, it's a marathon not a sprint, let's just try and take it easy a little bit?

MATTHEW WOLFF: Absolutely. I mean it's really hard because the competition out here is just the best in the world and as much as you want to have your sites set on winning tournaments out here and Ryder Cups and stuff like that, everyone's fighting for a card and to play their best and to make accounts and just to retain your card out here you have to play pretty good. I think that I'm just kind of putting everything in perspective a little bit, I'm getting a little older and a little more mature and unfortunately last year was really hard for me and I wasn't in a happy spot but I think at the end of the day I'm going to learn from that and I already have learned from it and definitely now in the future I think it's going to make me a better player because I guarantee you that's not the last time I'm going to have a little hiccup in my career and having that so young I feel like I've already learned so much more than maybe some guys who have had an easier career and stuff, even though it's not easy to have a good career throughout the entire time. But just I think it's going to make me a better player and like I said just put things in perspective a little more.

Q. Was flirting with the cut line but what was the difference with the early morning start and the turn around today?

MATTHEW WOLFF: Yeah, making that last putt on 18 I felt like I hit a lot of good putts yesterday and they just weren't really going in. I just told myself I was like you know what, if there was a time to make a putt it would be now. It's funny game, it's not funny, it's kind of brutal, golf, but, yeah, I think just making the cut line and gave me a little bit of confidence and then coming out here in the early morning round like you said, I mean there was pretty much no wind until my 12th or 13th hole, the greens are perfect, it was a little moist out there, but like I said, the conditions were perfect and it's nice to be able to play quick too, play fast, because I feel like when I get in a good rhythm I can keep on going. So I'm really happy with where I put myself and looking to have fun and just go out there and do my best tomorrow.

Q. The Zozo Championship is coming up again, are you playing in that?

MATTHEW WOLFF: I'm not, no.

Q. I believe you played with Tiger when he won his 82nd TOUR victory.

MATTHEW WOLFF: I did not. I played with him at Sherwood at Zozo. He won it in Japan.

Q. Oh, last year. Okay. You were not with him in Japan?

MATTHEW WOLFF: No, I don't think I played with him there. Because I think Sherwood was the first time that I had ever played with him. But it was really fun experience, it was cool to play with Tiger.

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