Sanderson Farms Championship

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Brandon Wu

Press Conference

Q. Brandon, a little bit of excitement for you out there today on the 4th hole. Hole-in-one. Just talk us through the shot and the club and everything.

BRANDON WU: Yeah, it was kind of a tough hole. Pin is kind of in the back, and the greens are slick. That hole is playing a little downwind, so I decided on an 8-iron.

I took a little bit off. Hit, obviously, a nice shot. But, yeah, honestly, I couldn't believe that it went in because I was half expecting it to roll off the back. The greens are so quick out here and downwind, I was pretty shocked that it went in, but pretty happy.

Q. What number hole-in-one is that for you?

BRANDON WU: That's my fourth one, but first in a tournament since I think I was 11 or 12 at Junior Worlds, so it's been a while.

Q. Is it a little more exciting having a hole-in-one on the PGA TOUR?

BRANDON WU: Yeah, for sure. It took a minute to set in. Even picking the ball out of the hole, I couldn't really believe it, but hearing the scores back in the tent and seeing a 1 on the card was pretty nice.

Q. Let's talk about the round all together. 3-under par today. How would you assess your play today?

BRANDON WU: I think I played solid. I thought it was quite difficult out there. Early in the morning it was cold, so the ball wasn't going very far. Then if you miss the fairway out here, you're grinding to get it around the green and make par.

Yeah, I finished with two chip-ins, which is a pretty nice way to end the day, but yeah, good day overall.

Q. You mentioned how slick the greens are. When you do miss the fairway, how difficult is it even to try to hold the greens, especially if you are coming downwind?

BRANDON WU: It's very difficult. It can get away from you, especially chipping. A couple of putts today, I had a couple that just get a little going downhill, and they're off the green.

Q. There's been a lot of talk about this week about the greens and a bunch of players are saying they're some of the best on tour. Are you in that? What makes a really good green, and why does it seem like everybody is such a big fan of them?

BRANDON WU: Yeah, I think they're just perfect. They're super pure, so if you are hitting good putts, they're going to break the way you think they are and they'll go in.

Yeah, I remember I got out here for the first time last year, and I was scared at how fast they were. Luckily I've had a year of experience playing quick greens, but yeah, these are some of the best on tour for sure.

Q. Brendan, Harry Higgs walked by a few minutes ago and asked what you think your bar bill at Trinity Forest will be today?

BRANDON WU: Luckily it's a Thursday and maybe not a Saturday. Yeah, I'm sure he'll have a few on my tab.

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