Sanderson Farms Championship

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Hayden Buckley

Press Conference

Q. I guess just to start, how did you feel the round went for you today?

HAYDEN BUCKLEY: Honestly, it was so cold this morning that I told my caddie the first nine holes would probably make or break the tournament. We're all not used the cold, obviously, at the end of the year last year, and I live in South Florida now, so I haven't seen under 65, 70 degrees in a while.

I felt great coming in. I spent most of the week back home in Tupelo, Mississippi, just north of here and got used to the grass and felt really good coming in.

I've made some changes with the putter that are feeling great. Really I played well in Napa as well. I just missed the cut.

It was tough this morning. The ball wasn't going as far. Honestly, the first shot I hit in, I couldn't even see the flag with the sun rising early in the morning.

It's always tough being first or second off on cold mornings, but I got through the front nine fine. I got up-and-down a lot. I just didn't hit a lot of fairways. Really to hit just a few fairways and shoot 1-under is really a good day.

Q. What was it like for you to be home this week? Obviously, you went to high school in Tupelo.

HAYDEN BUCKLEY: It's about an a while. I think it's probably been exactly a year it feels like since I've was here last. It was nice to be home and just to play the course I grew up on and see some people that I haven't seen in a while.

I always miss being home, but I always love coming back to this tournament. It's my favorite tournament of the year, obviously, just being so close.

Obviously, I played well last year as well finishing fourth. I have a lot of good memories here from Junior Golf, and my first pro start ever was in 2018 on a sponsor exemption.

I love being back in the South. I love Mississippi, and it's nice to be home.

Q. You mentioned Florida. I guess, have you gotten word about the hurricane and everything and how that's impacted you?

HAYDEN BUCKLEY: I live in Fort Myers, which was kind of right in the center. I saw a lot of video that did not look good. I think I'm lucky to live pretty far inland. I don't think our house got flooded.

We are very lucky, but there's a lot of people that weren't so lucky, so hopefully everybody got to safety. I might go back next week or the next just depending on the schedule. Hopefully when I go back, they're starting to rebuild.

I am getting married there in two months as well, so hopefully things can clean up a little bit. It's a tough situation. Man, I watched it yesterday morning. It's really hard to watch that to my new home for now. It's really hard to see. Hopefully everybody is doing okay.

Q. Psychologically, right, I mean, what's it like playing a round of golf when that's happening?

HAYDEN BUCKLEY: You try to block out everything you can, but the reality is either I go home in the next few weeks and my house is there or it's not. I've never dealt with anything like this living in North Mississippi. We've been pretty fortunate.

Me and my fiance were talking about it yesterday, and we just hope everything is there. We've got some great neighbors that take care of our house when we're gone.

It is tough, but I think I did a good job of focusing on what I can when I'm out there. Now I'll make a few calls to the neighbors and make sure everybody is okay and just hope everybody is doing well.

Q. Did you I guess learn anything about the course that you can take into tomorrow?

HAYDEN BUCKLEY: I think it just plays so differently. I didn't play a practice round any time super early this week. I kind of wanted to rest, and I got out around 10:00 or 111:00 most days.

It definitely plays a little different in the morning. The ball just isn't going as far. I think the greens were incredible, like they always are, but I definitely saw the end of our round how it's going to be tomorrow.

So I've played here so many times, I feel so comfortable. Especially after coming back early this week and just getting a feel for it again, but I took so much time off after the playoffs last year. I finally am getting back to that comfortable feeling on a golf course.

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