Sanderson Farms Championship

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Mark Hubbard

Press Conference

Q. Nice start to the week, Mark. What was clicking for you out there today?

MARK HUBBARD: Honestly, my caddie's green reading. I started off -- really I've always thought I could play well here and just never really have, and a lot of it is I just do not see the greens, which is interesting because they're pretty similar to the kind of grass I see at home in Houston. For whatever reason, I just haven't been able to figure them out.

We got through about four or five holes, and I just said, you're telling me where to hit it, and I'm going to hit it there, and he read them great. I hit them right where I was looking.

Q. How often does that happen where you completely just let your caddie take the reins?

MARK HUBBARD: I think this is the first time maybe ever. I like to be kind of very instinctual with my putting and just kind of go with my first read. I probably bring him in on, I don't know, three or four putts a day maybe. A tough week would be, like, ten. For him to read pretty much every one today, that was big for us.

Q. How would you describe your attitude starting the year kind of with the status you have now as opposed to a year ago you were playing where you don't know necessarily which events and looking at that alternate list a little bit maybe?

MARK HUBBARD: I don't think it's played much of a factor yet, but definitely looking at the schedule down the road, I'm just talking to people like, oh, yeah, I'm going to play that, I'm going to play that, and then being, like, no, I need to figure out and plan a little better because I think that was part of my success last year was just not playing as much as I have in years past. I'll need to think about that a little bit in the new year.

I've got a baby due in December, so I'm definitely going to be playing a lot early this fall because who knows when that could come early or get the phone call any minute. I'm not thinking about that too much right now. Just trying to play good golf.

Q. What does it take at this course do you think particularly to succeed?

MARK HUBBARD: I don't know. More of today, but like I said, I've always thought I could play well at this course. I just never have. I think you've got to keep the ball in the fairway, but I also made some really good birdies from the rough today. It just kind of clicked. I wish I had the answer.

Q. Try to figure that out over the next few days?

MARK HUBBARD: I'll let you know at the end of the week hopefully.

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