Sanderson Farms Championship

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Garrick Higgo

Quick Quotes

Q. Overall how would you assess the day and the week?

GARRICK HIGGO: I think it was good. My putting was a lot better. It kept me in the game quite a few times this week, especially Thursday and Friday. But yeah, I don't think I could have done anything better. Obviously the game, it's golf, so you are going to hit some bad shots. I think I hung in there well. I think it could have gone both ways, and I'm pretty pleased with the result.

Q. You talked earlier in the week about how after Congaree, the win, things kind of maybe didn't go the way you wanted to. You're learning a lot of new things but said you're a lot more comfortable. Did you feel that comfort level inside and outside the ropes this week?

GARRICK HIGGO: Yeah, for sure. I think my game has matured. I think you can see it. I feel like all parts of my game have improved in the last year, and I certainly took a dip in confidence and in my game, but I feel like I've kind of reaped the rewards from that little dip.

Q. Did you feel comfortable -- I know you said you've been working on it for a while, going back to the draw. Did the tee ball feel a little more comfortable this week?

GARRICK HIGGO: Yeah, for sure. I've always played the draw, and I enjoy the ball starting left of my target. The second shot on 16, I still have the tendency to get a little quick from the top and then I get that right miss.

Yeah, it's getting there. It's getting there.

Q. How much confidence do you take from this for the first of the fall schedule?

GARRICK HIGGO: Yeah, a lot. Obviously next week, I've played that course a lot. I was there for a year. I'm looking forward to being back in Vegas.

Q. Are you in CJ Cup?

GARRICK HIGGO: No, I didn't get an invite.

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