Sanderson Farms Championship

Thursday, October 5, 2023

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Chesson Hadley

Quick Quotes

Q. Tell us what you did really well out there today.

CHESSON HADLEY: I kind of did it all well. I feel like when you shoot one of these rounds, it seems kind of everything is working for you.

I put the ball in the fairway quite a bit, which was nice, and that's something you have to do out here with this Bermuda rough and the greens as fast as they are, and when I did put myself in the fairway, I gave myself quite a few opportunities, some very reasonable opportunities to make birdie.

I played the par-5s great today, putted it well. I mean, I really did, I felt like I was kind of clicking on all cylinders today.

The kind of key now is to just go rest and let's try and follow it up with another one tomorrow. Let's not feel like we have a letdown day, shoot even par or something like that. Sometimes it's hard to follow up a good round with another good one. Hopefully I'm up to the task. I feel good.

Q. Were you feeling pretty fresh coming in here? Were you anticipating a good score like this?

CHESSON HADLEY: I've been feeling good. I feel dangerous. I'm feeling dangerous right now.

I feel like some of the hard work and some of the shot shape change that I've done has paid off, and my game feels good.

Just need to keep it going. The gas is on the right.

Q. This fall is really important for a lot of players, including you. Going forward, what's your schedule look like? Are you going to play them all?

CHESSON HADLEY: I think I'm 121 at the moment. I'd love to go ahead and knock it out this week, right? Let's just do it. Certainly a win takes care of all that, too, but we're a long way from that, so I don't want to start talking about that.

Yeah, I'm going to have to play them all if I have to. But I'd love to play well this week, and my kids have fall break where they're going up to the mountains, so my plan is to go to Vegas at the moment, but I'd love to change plans and head up there with them.

Q. Was there one moment today in your round that really stood out?

CHESSON HADLEY: Yeah, I missed like a two-footer on my second hole for birdie. I hit a great approach shot in there and lipped out for eagle, and I went to tap it in and it horseshoed on me, and that can kind of unsettle you a little bit, but I was poised and ready, and I birdied the next hole, and I was dialed in after that.

Sometimes a little kick in the pants is good for you.

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