Sanderson Farms Championship

Friday, October 6, 2023

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Marty Dou

Quick Quotes

Q. Marty, 6-under 66. If we can get some comments on your play today.

MARTY DOU: Very solid. I've been hitting the drives really, really good out here. That's what low scores need to be out here. You've got to hit a lot of fairways to have chances to attack for birdies, and I did that pretty well this week. Putting was pretty good. These greens are super fast. I think it's one of the fastest throughout the year, and been able to adjust to the speed really well.

Q. How excited are you sitting in this position heading into the weekend?

MARTY DOU: You know, I'm on the line, on the bubble to keeping the card and just trying to play good every day and not think too much about where I'm at and how much point I'm going to make and stuff. Just round by round, just keep playing like the first few days, and I'll be good.

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