Sanderson Farms Championship

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Luke List

Quick Quotes

Q. Luke, 2-under 72. If you can just recap the final round for us.

LUKE LIST: Yeah, a lot going on out there. Didn't have my swing this weekend but hung in there really well so I was happy with the way I handled that. Scratched and fought but didn't quite get it close enough to the hole coming down the stretch to get a few more birdies.

Parring 14 was kind of disappointing, then got a nice birdie on 15, but hit great putts on the last three, just wasn't meant to be.

Q. Having said that, you're only one back right now. What's your plan over the next few minutes?

LUKE LIST: Yeah, 18 is kind of playing tough and tricky, so if Ben hits a good drive, it makes it a little easier, but if you hit it in the rough there, it's tough to make 4. We'll wait and see.

Q. Still a really positive week for you. If you can just recap the whole week and plans going forward.

LUKE LIST: Yeah, one of my best performances of the year so far, so that felt like a lot of hard work. Putted really well, consistent all week, which was nice, so hopefully I can build on that the rest of the year.

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