Sanderson Farms Championship

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Ben Griffin

Quick Quotes

Q. Ben, I know it's a tough way to finish, probably a bit of disappointment there, but you've still got to be satisfied with the entire week.

BEN GRIFFIN: Yeah, I just got a little loose out there today. It was a grind pretty much all day. I didn't really have a ton of control. I kind of got -- had a little spark there in the middle, had some good up-and-downs on the back nine to kind of keep myself in it. Was a little disappointed I missed it left on 18. I hit the wrong shot at the wrong time. I needed to keep it low with the wind up there, and I chose a club that I was hitting it high. I wish I had maybe taken a bit more time and really thought through the shot. I thought maybe I didn't think through it enough.

It's a bummer. I learned a lot from Bermuda, and I thought I was going to still be able to get it done today, and it just sucks. That's all it is.

But I get to play golf for a living, so...

Q. Just hitting that one shot at the wrong time, that sounds like the main thing that you learned today, but was there anything else during the round that you had some sort of feelings inside that you hadn't experienced before?

BEN GRIFFIN: Yeah, not necessarily. Obviously there's nerves. It's Sunday. Your body always feels different on Sundays. But I felt like from a physical standpoint, I was still in a good place.

I just didn't hit very good shots pretty much all day. I got out of position a lot, and I saved bogeys when I needed to, maybe got a tough break here or there with a plugged lie, whatever it may be.

But yeah, it's hard closing out on the PGA TOUR, and I should have got it done. It's a bummer. But I'll be back.

Q. So much to be proud of this week. Can you share maybe one thing about what you did accomplish?

BEN GRIFFIN: Yeah, my name was on top of the leaderboard for a good chunk of it. There's a lot of positives.

But it's a 72-hole tournament every single week, and it really doesn't matter what happens until the final scores get posted on Sunday.

Yeah, a lot of positives. My game is in a good spot. It's rewarding to know that this off-season wasn't as bad as I thought it might have been getting ready for a tournament per se. I felt like last week I grinded pretty hard. But I've got the game, I've got the talent. I've just got to just be really strong down the stretch moving forward.

Q. You had some of your support system here when you came off the green. What does it mean to you to have them here and be able to embrace them and see them after this?

BEN GRIFFIN: Yeah, it's just emotional. They wanted me to win probably more than I wanted to. But it's just a bummer. But I'm so happy to have all of them in my life. They have my back, and I know I'm going to be back.

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