Sanderson Farms Championship

Sunday, October 8, 2023

Jackson, Mississippi, USA

Country Club of Jackson

Henrik Norlander

Quick Quotes

Q. Henrik, you've talked all week about how you've been on top of your game and you felt good and you got into that playoff, and when it's a five-man shootout it really is --

HENRIK NORLANDER: It's the third time in a five-man playoff, once on this TOUR and once on the Korn Ferry TOUR, Sea Island and Wichita and then here.

Q. Where was the one on Korn Ferry TOUR?

HENRIK NORLANDER: Wichita. I won that one, though.

Q. What was that experience like today finding yourself --

HENRIK NORLANDER: I mean, I had the lead. I know that. Just got stuck two days in a row between two clubs. Yesterday 2-iron tried to hit it too hard and pulled it unfortunately and then today I couldn't get 2-iron there, hit 3-wood and hit a pretty good shot, it just didn't cut. But it happens.

Q. You said that was on 14, the par-5?

HENRIK NORLANDER: Yeah, I hit it in the hazard two days in a row. But I made some serious putts this week. I hit some unbelievable shots. I fought hard. I got tight after the bogey on 16, and I hit a terrible drive. I got lucky, kicked out in the fairway, and then hit a terrible second shot into the left bunker, the only place you can't hit it. Probably hit the best bunker shot of my life to get that up-and-down, then parred 18. It played hard.

I'm super proud. I went from thinking I wasn't good enough to play this TOUR to actually believing I can win out here. Things happen, change quickly.

Q. You've been smiling during this interview, so obviously there's a lot of positives.

HENRIK NORLANDER: I mean, it stinks not to get this one, but Luke List, I was glad that he was the one that got it. We played golf every day when we were home. He's a great friend. He's a big inspiration. We help each other a lot.

I wanted to win, but if someone else was going to win, I'm happy for Luke.

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