Sony Open in Hawaii

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

Brendan Steele

Quick Quotes

Q. Overall thoughts on the final round?

BRENDAN STEELE: Obviously super disappointed. Playing really well, feeling really good about it. Thought I hit a perfect shot on 10. Got a weird lie there, totally changed the momentum. Every single shot I hit after that ended up with a weird lie, one foot through the fairway, really struggling after that.

Completely changed the momentum and super bummed.

Q. Last year you added to the game plan, was that the case today?

BRENDAN STEELE: You know, I think if I lay up 10, I think I win the tournament. So we made a mistake there and it's unfortunate. It's as good as I can hit a shot, so if that doesn't get over the bunker, then I can't get over it. Just a mistake and kind of changed everything and everything was hard after that.

Q. You don't get these opportunities; what do you take from this?

BRENDAN STEELE: You don't. You just try to pick yourself up next week and try to give yourself another chance. I've seen a lot of things in my 11 years out here; and I've closed well, I've closed poorly, I've closed in the middle and it doesn't get any easier. It's always really hard and I think anybody out here will tell you that no matter how many times they have won.

I think you just have to really take some positives out of this; hard to see for me right now and just go and try to put myself right back there next week.

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