Sony Open in Hawaii

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

Mike Weir

Quick Quotes

Q. 2-under par today, talk about your round and a week as a whole here at the Sony.

MIKE WEIR: I really enjoyed my week this week. Did lots of really good things. My putting was a little bit of a weak link this week but I played nicely and kind of sharpened that up for next week, short game a little bit.

Q. And speaking of that, now talk about the mindset of going from the Sony over there?

MIKE WEIR: It's different. Only three rounds, and the guys shoot low numbers, so you've got to have the scoring mentality to get off to a fast start. You know, I know the course. I've been coming over to Kona for probably the last dozen years and just playing with a couple of friends over there. So I know the course pretty well. So you're going to have to shoot some low ones.

Q. How excited are you to get the Champions Tour started at Hualalai?

MIKE WEIR: Very excited to get started. It's a thin schedule early in the year, so it's nice to get one early and kind of pace yourself for the when the late spring is and summer comes around when a lot of the big tournaments happen. Hualalai is a great event and I've heard nothing but great things. Excited to be part of the feeling.

Q. And carrying over a little momentum from a solid week.

MIKE WEIR: Yeah, nice, solid week. My game is heading the right direction, very pleased with where my game is at. Like I said, just sharpen up the short game and it will be even a little better.

Q. Anybody in particular on the PGA TOUR champions that you're looking forward to getting see more of now in competition and competitive level?

MIKE WEIR: There's so many guys. I've played with Bernhard a number of times. Haven't played with Fred Couples yet since our days on the PGA TOUR. So looking forward 20 getting paired with Freddie one of these times.

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