Sony Open in Hawaii

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

Jared Sawada

Press Conference

Q. You talked about taking it one shot at a time, Tiger Woods' advice to his son, how did that work out for you today?

JARED SAWADA: I did all right. It was fine. Wasn't the best round I could have played but wasn't the worst as well, so it's all right.

Q. You seem kind of subdued about it. What do you want to improve upon tomorrow?

JARED SAWADA: Well, I did my job like I said. I wanted to hit a lot of fairways. I hit one in recover not bad driving. Just the second shots really killed me. I only hit 12 greens, but didn't get very close when I hit the 12 greens. So it was tough to make birdies.

Q. And you played this course so many times, is it always kind of crazy how putting a different tag on it, and how to handle that?

JARED SAWADA: Yeah, all the people, all the spectators, all the players out here, you dream of this, playing in PGA TOUR events. It is a lot to take in. It is my fifth time had a nice start hit all the fairways and hit all the greens so that was really nice.

But yeah, it is different and even though played it so many times, it's still nerve-wracking for sure.

Q. Nice to have all the "Go Jareds" out there and have the fans back and enjoy this?

JARED SAWADA: That was really nice. Thank you to all the people who came out, all my family and friends came out and spectate asked watched me.

Q. Playing in a PGA TOUR event is special but does it add another layer playing at home here in Hawai'i?

JARED SAWADA: That's the dream is so win this tournament one day. Might not happen this week, but I'll keep visualizing that and hopefully make it happen one day.

Q. As far as what you need to do tomorrow, what do you want to improve upon? What are the things you want to get done in round two?

JARED SAWADA: Definitely same deal. Always focus on the shot right in front of me and hit all the fairways again and my iron game should be a lot better tomorrow. Today is was weird.

Q. How were the guys in your group?

JARED SAWADA: Brandon and Trey, they were great. They are both really nice guys. It's always great to play with people who are nice and not -- I can't say that word, but yeah.

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