Sony Open in Hawaii

Thursday, January 13, 2022

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

Seamus Power

Press Conference

Q. What went well for you?

SEAMUS POWER: Everything was kind of in decent order. Wouldn't mind hitting maybe a couple extra fairways, but overall it was pretty good. Made some nice putts here and there. Hit some nice wedge shots close, and overall nice and solid.

Q. This is a course that's known for wind and narrow fairways. No wind, but the rough seems to be up this year. Talk about how you traded one obstacle for another.

SEAMUS POWER: Very much so. Cam and I were talking about it a couple times, it's bizarre to see it so calm. I certainly don't remember that the years I played it. You want to be aggressive but the fairways are starting to firm up a little bit. A couple times, like on 9 my last hole, hit a good shot runs into very thick rough.

It's certainly a tradeoff but you know, if you can get it in the fairway you can be aggressive with the wind conditions.

Q. Talk about how a good first round like this sets up for a really good week.

SEAMUS POWER: The PGA TOUR is tough. If you want to win, you have to have four good rounds. That's the mentality you have to go in. Nice start and puts me in a good position but there's a long ways to go. I need to have three more good rounds to have a chance on Sunday.

Q. Here in Hawai'i, sun is out, tropical breezes. Talk about how that vibe. Does it help you play easier or more free?

SEAMUS POWER: I think so. It's so nice. I was practicing in Las Vegas in the winter, and it was sunny, but still gold, cold wind. And you get out here, I was in Maui last week and it's beautiful, you swing with a tee shirt on; it doesn't seem as difficult.

It's obviously the same for everyone but it just seems to get you going kind of starting the season a little bit.

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