Sony Open in Hawaii

Friday, January 14, 2022

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

Seamus Power

Quick Quotes

Q. Just an assessment on round today?

SEAMUS POWER: Today was a bit a of a struggle, to be honest, especially early on. Hit a couple very loose shots, made a couple bogeys, and was able to recover and kind of turn into couple under.

Kind of kept me in it to some extent, but yeah, just a couple things to tidy up there afterwards.

Q. Your friends in Ireland saw some improvement in your ball striking today. Did you not?

SEAMUS POWER: No, no, it was loose early. Yeah, couple poor shoots which were costly in the wrong spots. Couple things to get ironed out.

Q. What specifically do you think you'll be working on today?

SEAMUS POWER: Just a little better control. Just kind of lost control of my flight there. Kind of cost me couple shots. So if we can get that back and give myself a few extra chances over the weekend.

Q. How were the golf course conditions today?

SEAMUS POWER: Good, again. Course is in great shape. Rough is up and nasty. I didn't miss too many fairways today but you get punished pretty quickly.

It's going to be interesting, especially if the wind blows over the weekend. With the wind down, obviously it kind of counters a heavy rough.

But it is in great shape. Greens are lovely.

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