Sony Open in Hawaii

Friday, January 14, 2022

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

Peter Jung

Quick Quotes

Q. Congratulations on your round today. Yesterday you thought that a low round was possible. Why did you get that feeling and how did you back it up today?

PETER JUNG: I mean, those numbers are always out there. You got to believe first. It's tough. To perform under pressure I think takes a lot of confidence, a lot of practice, and I just believed. I thought the shots I hit I hit them well. Just the targets I chose were not the greatest.

Yeah, I'm happy with the way I played today.

Q. Talk about the rounds and where this rings in your young golf career?

PETER JUNG: I'm sure it's one of my greatest accomplishments so far. Playing the tournament and performing, knowing I can play like this, it gives me a lot of confidence.

Only room to grow. Yeah, I'm ready. Ready to perform.

Q. Now, from 5 to 10 you cut five strokes off your score. Just talk about that hot streak you got on.

PETER JUNG: I mean, the first three holes I don't think I really had anything outside 15 feet, and I just -- first hole I had like three feet; missed that.

Second hole I was ten feet; missed that. I told myself, Be patient. Get those putts.

All week I was hitting it well. Yeah, stayed patient. I got my first birdie I forget which hole, but after that it was on. Putter was good.

Q. You got to 3-under on the 10th hole. Were you aware the cut line was at 4-under and later moved to 5-under really late?

PETER JUNG: Yes, so at the turn, my goal was to turn at 1-under because I believe I was even hitting off 9.

And I mean, I eagled it. That was a bonus. So I turned at 2-under, birdied 10; that put me at three.

And I saw the board somewhere along the line, probably 13, around there. I saw it was four so I -- my goal was to wait until the last hole and try and birdie that. I didn't really want to press.

And then 17 I bogeyed, but I didn't know the cut was at five. That was just poor decision making off the tee.

It's nice to finish with a birdie, right?

Q. Yeah. Just talk about the eagle on the 9th. You hit a really solid approach hot to get it within 14 feet.

PETER JUNG: Yeah, I think I had 85 pin; I hit like a half 6; breeze was slightly into from the right. I went right at it. Yeah, I went just over. I chose my line, hit it over, and it went in. It was good putt.

Q. Your coach was here today. Just talk about playing in front of him, and also he mentioned that you have a lot of poise. Just talk about the poise you have already.

PETER JUNG: Yeah, Dustin is a cool guy. I love the team, love the vibe we have. For him to come out, I appreciate it. Shows a lot of support all the way from Washington, yeah.

About the poise part, I'm not too sure. I just try to -- I think being mentally strong is the greatest talent somebody can have. Doesn't take a lot of effort to stay in the zone. I try hard.

Q. So you appear to be poised on the outside; on the inside are you poised really?

PETER JUNG: I'm sure everybody has racing minds, but I think the mental aspect of my game is definitely my strong suit. Yeah.

Q. Either from yesterday or today is there a similar moment that you think you'll cherish or take away from this experience this week?

PETER JUNG: There isn't really one. The good shots, I mean, it's great. It's nice to hit good shots, but I think just sometimes when you don't really think about anything you're just walking and you see yourself walking inside the ropes with all your friends and family around, I think that's -- the boring moments I guess, I think that's what most memorable for me.

Q. And I know you're obviously still amateur status. How many opportunities have you had to play alongside pros at any level so far in your career?

PETER JUNG: Well, it's my second appearance for the Sony. I played a few pro events. The Mid-Pac Open. That's a fun one. All the local pros are out. But not really. To compare to this, there isn't really many.

I'm looking forward to trying to get some more tournaments in the summer; see how that goes.

Q. Any validation for you just pretty much going shot for shot with some of these guys out here?

PETER JUNG: Yeah, surprised me, too. I just kind of just played my game. I mean, all these guys are good. It's just a matter of believing and being consistent about it.

Yeah, I think the most important thing is using this and using it to practice and grow more from it.

That's what I look forward to doing.

Q. When you played here in 2019 what did you learn from that experience and how did you carry it over?

PETER JUNG: 2019 I was 16 years young and I don't really remember it.

It was a lot of emotions running. I just think I matured off the golf course a lot more. I think that was the biggest thing.

Golf-wise I'm sure I improved a lot, but it's not significant enough for -- for me to shoot what I shot today, it's great. I'm sure it was lucky. I had a lot of breaks. Putted well.

But it's just mental. Mentally maturing and, yeah, I think that's the biggest thing, mental maturity.

Q. Are you 19 now?

PETER JUNG: I'm 19, yes.

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