Sony Open in Hawaii

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

Brent Grant

Quick Quotes

Q. How was the day?

BRENT GRANT: Up and down. We started off kind of fine I guess and then we hit a brick wall pace of play-wise, which is disappointing.

First round back in about a month and a half. Could have definitely been worse; could have been better. But moving forward tomorrow, we're definitely going to be in a much better rhythm so we look forward to that.

Q. That one bad hole, the double, what led to that double?

BRENT GRANT: Well, I pulled the 2-iron off the tee. Probably should have been a 4-iron just to be completely safe and out of the water.

But and then I hit the gap wedge just a little short. Felt like it was going to fly pretty far and only flew about 110 into the bunker; then just plugged in the face of the bunker and made that one.

Q. How do you feel about how you set yourself up for tomorrow to potentially make the cut here, which would be a first for you, right?

BRENT GRANT: Yeah. Obviously it's going to be 2- or 3- or 4-under, whatever it ends up being. I'm more than capable of shooting much lower than that.

So, I mean, it was out there. Body feels great. Swing and game are right where they need to be. It's just getting in the flow of things and sort of letting the putts drop.

Q. Can you say something about playing with Castillo?

BRENT GRANT: Yeah, Mike is great. I mean, he's got his brother, Joey, on the bag who I've known for 15 years. He's been the Ping rep for as long as I've been out here. Obviously the entire Castillo family has been huge for Hawaii golf and Hawaii professional golf.

It's an honor to be out here with him, and really glad he's healthy and rocking and rolling.

Q. The first tee you could kind of see that when they announced him.

BRENT GRANT: Yeah, his family is famous here.

Q. Last one from me. These first full tour of the tour for you, how does coming back here fit into the grand picture for and you what you're trying to accomplish this year?

BRENT GRANT: Obviously it's just where I grew up and my home Open. I played it three times before as sort of basically as like a visitor.

Just feels like I'm coming home to a little bit more of a welcome, warm welcome, because I don't -- I've already earned the spot, so I was really fortunate last year to be given a spot last minute. Had to earn the first two.

But, yeah, it's obviously an honor to be here, and I'm thankful to Waialae Country Club and Hawaii Golf, because I wouldn't be where I am without it. It's a huge spot in the list. I'll be here every year.

Q. All the familiar faces following you, a word about that?

BRENT GRANT: Yeah, so friends and family and my mom and dad flew in from Arizona last night. I've got long-time friends here and I think we should have a few more tomorrow.

Yeah, got a huge military presence here on the island, and with my dad serving 30 years it's really cool to see sort of guys that have served with him and then retired and then are still on the island that come out here and support me and our family.

And, yeah, it's an amazing feeling to have people following you.

Q. Does that do anything for you when you're over a shot?

BRENT GRANT: Yeah, absolutely. It provides -- I love being a showoff, so it's something that is genuine to me to be able to come out here a put on a show. That's what we do for a living, so, yeah, it's awesome.

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