Sony Open in Hawaii

Friday, January 12, 2024

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

Chan Kim

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Q. All right, Chan, so awesome 64in the second round. What were you able to do to flip the switch and play such a good second round?

CHAN KIM: Yeah, we had some tough conditions yesterday. A lot of wind, a lot of gusts that you really couldn't predict, and some rain.

Yeah, it played tough yesterday. Just had to grind it out. Then obviously with a 64 today, you know, just puts me into a good mindset for next week.

I would've loved to have made that eagle on 18. Just kind of wait around and see. Never going to go in if you leave it short, right?

Yeah, like I said, I'm in a very good mindset for next week now. I know that I can score out here. Excited to see what next week brings.

Q. You had that just break yesterday on the par-3. What was the reaction to that when that happened?

CHAN KIM: Just golf. You know, what else can you do? Hit a good shot, hit my target, hit my number. I think in the video I said, be right, or something.

It sure was. It's just an unlucky break. You'll get some of those out here for sure.

Q. Bogey on 10. Was that the only trouble today or did you have to scramble?

CHAN KIM: Yeah, there were a few that I got up and down really well to make par. One on 2 and 12 I believe. Caught a flier and that was on 13 tee box and got that up and down.

10 felt like I hit a good drive. Took the wind and leaked a little right into the rough. The second shot I thought I hit it perfect and just hit into the upslope and came up short.

Really hit a good putt, but just didn't break. There is just nothing I can do except do the best I can.

Q. Going into your final hole did you try to play that one more aggressively knowing what you needed it get to get to the cut line?

CHAN KIM: Yeah, I kind of saw -- Ryo was 2-under and tied 49th after 16. Got a chance to make the cut.

So we had a good number into 18. Hit a good shot. That putt was just a little bit slower than I anticipated. Yeah, came up a bit short.

Overall, like I said, played a really good round and I'm happy about it.

Q. Can you just sum up your emotions over the last 48 hours, being a full time PGA TOUR pro for the first week of your life and at 33 coming out here in your home state here?

CHAN KIM: Yeah, very excited for sure. Very nervous as well. Hometown crowd, and yesterday I was just praying I don't finish dead last, to be honest. I was 1-over making the turn and then I started bogey, par, and made a string of bogeys. I'm just like, oh, my gosh, please try not to finish dead last.

Yeah, what an incredible experience and incredible TOUR, and I'm proud to be a member of the PGA TOUR. Definitely looking forward to the next couple events.

Q. You referenced next week. Cut missed here, but that's the beauty of it, you just get another opportunity.

CHAN KIM: Yeah, some kinks I have to work out in my game. Nothing too major. Obviously worked out today. Yeah, all really just came down to really trusting my instincts and what kind of shot I want to hit.

You know, if I can keep in that mentality next week I think I'll be okay.

Q. What's it mean just touching on that, being from Hawai'i and being an inspiration to kids?

CHAN KIM: Yeah, I hope I'm an inspiration. We'll see. Yeah, I got to do the interview at Ala Wai, so that brought back a lot of memories.

Like I said, seeing a whole bunch my friends out here and family friends that came out to watch, definitely helped me settle down a little bit. Definitely helped me today in keeping calm, just trying to do the best I could to try and make the cut for them.

Came pretty close, so like I said I'm proud of how I handled myself and just got to move on.

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