Sony Open in Hawaii

Saturday, January 13, 2024

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

Keegan Bradley

Quick Quotes

Q. Great round today. 17 and 18 are considered scoring holes, but obviously very different. You did well on them today. Can you talk will those holes a little bit?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, those were crucial holes to finish up the day and hopefully get in the last group. I hit perfect shot on 16. Hit a little cut 6-iron up in there and made a really tricky putt.

Then 18 kind of hit a bad drive and got a good break and hit a beautiful 6-iron onto the middle of the green, two-putted for birdie. That was huge.

Q. I imagine it's somewhat nerve-wracking to have such a crowded leaderboard, but is it fun in some ways, too?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it is what it is. I'm trying to just worry about myself. If I go out and shoot a good round tomorrow it's going to be tough to beat. There is a lot of great players and a lot of players within a handful of shots of the lead, so be difficult as usual.

Q. Obviously the conditions Monday were way different. Would you say today was pretty similar to yesterday or some subtle differences?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, were times when the wind was blowing. It kind of laid down at the end of the day. Not expecting a ton of wind tomorrow.

I really enjoy playing this course. I've always enjoyed it. Always felt like I could someday win here; hopefully that day will be tomorrow.

Q. Do you enjoy events where you kind of keep your head down and everybody else...

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it's a tricky thing because you can't be staring at the leaderboard all day. If you make a bogey or a few pars in a row you can go from leading to 12th in a second.

I got to go out tomorrow and probably shoot another pretty low one to win.

Q. When did you start feeling comfortable playing in the lead and having a chance to win?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Probably not until the last couple years. It took me -- this is my 14th year. Took me about 12 years until I felt like a veteran out here. I do now.

I didn't feel like even two, three years ago. Now I sort of feel a lot more comfortable, like days like today. Felt totally fine. I expect to be nervous tomorrow. Definitely have felt better in these situations.

Q. How many perfect shots do you feel like you hit today? I heard you say perfect a lot the last few interviews.

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, today was one of those days where just like I had great numbers. I could see every shot. I wasn't very anxious on that many shots, which is super rare for me.

I just had a blast out there with Scotty, my caddie. We just did a great job together.

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