Sony Open in Hawaii

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Waialae Country Club

JT Poston

Quick Quotes

Q. 9-under par today. Talk about how good you felt out there on the golf course.

JT POSTON: Yeah, I mean, I felt great. All week I felt like I've played okay. The scores hadn't quite shown it.

First round we kind of got the raw end of the draw and played in a bunch of wind in the afternoon. I shot even.

Second round I really had it going and ended up shooting four and really felt like that was about as bad as I was going to play.

Just feels good to have my best round of the day on Sunday and good momentum for next week.

Q. Started tied for 39th. Did you think you could get to the top?

JT POSTON: I mean, I didn't. I thought a good low round would move me up a lot, maybe get me in the top 10.

I felt like the first five holes are a little tricky and guys can start making birdies after that, which is exactly what I did.

So, yeah, I was a little surprised to see that guys hadn't quite got it going yet, but looks like they're starting to.

Q. Throughout the tournament as you mentioned the first five holes you were +4. Just talk about those holes and what the troubles were.

JT POSTON: So this year we've had a very different wind than in years past. I think that's a big part of what makes those holes tough. Usually 1 and 3 are blowing pretty much dead downwind, and right now it's into the wind.

There are some tricky tee balls the first five holes, and if you don't hit the fairway the rough is up and you're scrambling to make par.

Q. 6 through 12 you were 7-under. Talk about the run you had there in the middle of the round?

JT POSTON: Yeah, it was a great run. Just the hole just felt big. I had a lot of the confidence with the putter. Hit some really good shots kind of exactly how I wanted to into the greens. That builds confidence standing in the fairway. I felt like every iron I had in my hand I was going to be able to hit it close.

Q. Talk about the last round and building momentum as you start the TOUR?

JT POSTON: Yeah, it's a great momentum builder. I had my best round end of the week last week in Maui on Sunday, and did it again this week. Nice to play well on Sundays obviously. Great momentum boost going into the next tournament.

Q. Two great weeks to start the year. Anything you worked on in the off-season that you think sharpened or allowed you to come out firing?

JT POSTON: My goal was to drive it a little bit better this year. I'm not the longest hitter. I would say I'm average or just below average with distance. If you're that kind of player off the tee you feel like you got to hit fairways and I didn't hit quite as many fairways.

Last week was hard to gauge because the fairways are 80 yards wide. Felt like I drove it well. This week was a step in the right direction. Had some rounds where I drove it well and some rounds where I didn't, but feel really confident with my putter.

That's always been a strength of mine. Iron play, wedge play has been really good. I feel like if I can hit the fairways I'll be in good shape.

Q. Friday afternoon you missed couple short ones down the stretch and struggled early yesterday.

JT POSTON: Uh-huh.

Q. Was there any frustration at that point? I know you were in 82nd technically and now all the way up to first. How do you keep from feeling frustration?

JT POSTON: There was definitely some frustration. I missed some short ones, which is uncharacteristic. The shortest one I missed was honestly not a terrible putt. I just had it foot or this mark in the green and it hopped and not much I could do.

But, yeah, just tried to reset, forget about them, remember the ones I do make, and just get that confidence back. Fortunately was able to do that kind of yesterday afternoon.

Q. On 18 today you took a wood out of the fairway bunker. What was the game plan of that and debating and what club was it?

JT POSTON: It was 3-wood. We didn't think we could get it up by the green but we felt like getting it up there close in the wind was going to an easier pitch to get closer to the pin than it would be a full wedge shot. That's why we went with that shot.

But, you know, I went through it at the 3M last year. We're not out here to finish second. We're out here to try and win golf tournaments. If it meant me absolutely careering a 3-wood out of a bunker to get up there somewhere on the green or around it and chip in, never know. That was kind of the thought process behind it.

Q. Have you ever in your PGA TOUR career had to play for -- not play for second, but play for points instead of playing for the win, so to speak?

JT POSTON: Have I ever had to?

Q. Yeah.

JT POSTON: No. I feel like there is a difference I guess when you're up there towards the top and playing to win versus in 50th and you know you're not going to win but that a good round can go a long ways as far as points and money goes.

Any time I feel like I got a chance to win I'm playing for the win.

Q. Win first.


Q. To your point, and I realize you're thinking about the next shot and scoring, but how kind of cognizant are you of where you were today, someone who just made the cut on Friday, how much points matter at the end of the year, small points?

JT POSTON: Yeah, they matter a lot. I've been on the bad end of that. In 2019 I think I bogeyed the last hole at BMW to miss out on Atlanta, so I know how valuable the points are.

Q. Points and Palm Springs that can show up in Atlanta, so to speak.

JT POSTON: Yeah, exactly. All adds up the same. They definitely matter. For that reason you should always be focused on every shot, regardless where you are on the leaderboard. Again, we're playing to win. Get in that position and at the end of the day, at the end the career, not going to be counting how many second and third places, it's going to be how many wins you got.

Q. Wouldn't it be naturally hard for someone who started 50th place or 60th not to go through the emotions?

JT POSTON: Yeah, some guys do, but I think that's what separates guys that stay out here for a long time, is they know that you're one good round away from turning -- you know, 55th is not as great as shooting --

Q. In the 20s.

JT POSTON: Something low and finishing 20th. The difference in points and money and all that can be a difference maker at the end of the year.

Q. I know you grow up playing a lot with Grayson Murray in North Carolina. What stands out to you about his game and competitive edge?

JT POSTON: Yeah, we used to see each other at a lot of the junior events in the North and South Carolina area. He's always been a great player. It sounds like he's got the right mindset and I think that is maybe what held him back the most.

He's so talented. Drives it far, hits it well, hits it straight when he's hitting it good, and can chip and putt it, too.

I feel like that shift in mentality for him is probably going to be big. Yeah, wouldn't be surprised if he gets it done today.

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