THE PLAYERS Championship

Saturday, March 16, 2024

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA

TPC Sawgrass

Matt Fitzpatrick

Quick Quotes

Q. Was there a shot or a moment that maybe turned the round in the right direction today?

MATT FITZPATRICK: Not particularly, if I'm honest. No, I feel like 4 got away from me. I was trying to do the smart decision and chip out, which was right. Then I don't even know what's happened on the next one. I can't believe how much it moved in the air from 70 yards. It was bizarre.

Then a mistake on 5 off the tee. We hit the wrong club there. I just felt that I've been playing well so far this week, felt like I'm comfortable with the course. Sometimes I've been here where you don't necessarily feel like you're playing well. The visuals make it even harder. But this week so far, hitting good shots on certain holes really makes you feel different about the hole.

I think that's been the biggest thing and just felt that with there not being too much wind, you can still be pretty aggressive.

Q. Is it kind of like attitude and comfort in your game that helps you get through some --

MATT FITZPATRICK: 100 percent, yeah. The attitude about myself mentally and how I'm playing physically was a big thing in helping me turn around.

Q. The putting or the driving or both?

MATT FITZPATRICK: Apart from the two drives off the tee that I lost the most today was with hybrids. Drivers allowed me to be in the best positions off the tee all week, and that was a continuation today, and obviously more so on the back nine. That just allows you to play well.

Obviously it's fantastic to hole a few coming in there, just because I felt that I sort of missed a couple opportunities there on 11, 12, and particularly hitting it in the water on 16, as well. It was a great par save.

Just felt like it was obviously a combination, which is more like myself.

Q. Billy doesn't give you many compliments I suspect, but he says you've been driving it fantastic.

MATT FITZPATRICK: Yeah, definitely. I would argue this is as good as I've driven it since U.S. Open. I would say pretty comfortable, yeah, particularly around a golf course like this.

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