THE PLAYERS Championship

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA

TPC Sawgrass

Harris English

Quick Quotes

Q. Good round. Just what were the keys to today and how does the golf course playing?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, golf course still soft. Kind of keep thinking it's going to firm up, never has. Some pretty easy pins. If you hit the fairways you can attack all day out here. Got off to a great start again today, like I did yesterday, I just kept it going. Had a couple misses that got some breaks, got to take advantage of those. Played the front nine great. I was trying to keep the pedal down. Made a good par on 10. Didn't birdie 11, didn't birdie 12, had great opportunities there. 13. Then one of my best iron shots I felt like today was on 14 and I flew it over the pin, hit the down slope, goes to the back of the green and 3-putt. So that kind of stopped the momentum. But it felt good. I felt free out there, I was attacking and I was trying to go as low as I could. Haven't had the best record here, but definitely have a lot to build on from this week of how to play this course. Obviously got to be hitting the ball well, but it's nice to see some good stuff happen out here.

Q. I was surprised by your record here. Are you learning anything, are we going in the right direction?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, I know how to play this place. It's just about hitting the correct shots. For me it's off the tee out here. If you can put the ball in play and in the fairway, you can attack the flags, and I can use my iron play to get to certain flags. But if you're in the rough a lot, hitting in bad spots, it's just, it just compounds out here. You try to get it back and you start making doubles and it's just hard to get it back. So, yeah, just hit a little better this year. Yesterday wasn't what I wanted, but I still felt pretty good about my game and nice to cap it off with a good round today.

Q. After yesterday was there anything that changed for you today?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Nothing at all. Didn't practice at all after the round. It was just one of those days where just got nothing out of it. Made a really -- my only double this week, I thought I flagged a wedge shot yesterday, and end up making a double on No. 6. It's just one of those days. It kind of happens. They happen out here. Just got to brush it off and come back out this morning do the same thing and see if you can expect different results. I knew I was playing well and got it going today, and it was one of those rounds that could have been a 59, 60, 61. But I just didn't quite get it going with the putter.

Q. You're up at Sea Island you work with Justin Parsons. I'm sure you've seen plenty of Brian over the last few years. If he wins this, adds it to the Open championship, it's a great 12 months. Is there anything that you've seen in the past year that maybe has allowed him to take these big titles?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Brian has always been an unbelievable player. One of the best I've ever seen. Best hands I've ever seen. I think he's starting to believe that he's an elite player, deep down. I know he's working really hard. A confident Brian Harman is really hard to beat. I mean, the past few years I hadn't really seen it a whole lot, but ever since what he did at The Open Championship, it's just kind of sparked new energy in him, and he knows that he's an elite player out here. If he keeps playing like this, then watch out.

Q. As a guy who went to Georgia a few years ahead of you, maybe a guy who is a little older, what do you appreciate about him as a player and a pro and maybe things you've learned from him or seen that you emulate?

HARRIS ENGLISH: He's a competitor. I feel like I've pushed him a little bit. He's definitely pushed me to be better. That's what we did a lot at Georgia. But up at Sea Island, we all really love seeing each other's successes, but it pushes me to be better. Like, maybe I -- I know I can compete with Brian Harman, I can win a major, I can win some of these tournaments. It's just awesome to see. He's a fierce competitor, got one of the best short games I've ever seen. People talk about distance, he hits it plenty far enough, and especially at a place like this where you got to hit a lot of fairways, you got to curve it both ways. He's become more of a complete player. He can hit the fade now. Used to be he was predominantly hitting a draw. Now he can hit it both ways, hit it high and low, and he's confident right now and got it going on.

Q. I never would have thought someone said Brian Harman lacked confidence. He's had the pro career, kind of kicked around for awhile but...

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, I can definitely tell when he's feeling really, really good about his game.

Q. What do you see?

HARRIS ENGLISH: Just the way he talks about it. He knows he's playing really well and working hard, and I think he's on the top of his game right now.

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