THE PLAYERS Championship

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA

TPC Sawgrass

Sam Ryder

Quick Quotes

Q. You set the new birdie record for 72 holes at THE PLAYERS. What's it like to hold that mark on such a cool venue?

SAM RYDER: Never thought about it. Honestly, it's hard to believe, because these guys -- I feel like it's going to -- I don't know what the number is, but I know it's going to be beaten, because these guys are making a lot of birdies. What was the number?

Q. 27 for the week.

SAM RYDER: 27 for the week. Yeah, that just goes to show it was an emotional roller coaster, but it's cool. It's always cool to have a record. It's not -- yeah, a lot of penalty shots to offset that. Right now I just walked off the course, so it's hard to be too happy about it, but it's cool.

Q. Was there any part -- what -- do you attribute it more to your irons, wedges, putting, what part of your game?

SAM RYDER: I putted well this week, but irons, that's the strength of my game, iron play. This place, I'm very comfortable, I live here, I play here all the time, I'm aggressive when I'm in the fairway, I feel like when I hit fairways I was ready to attack. The greens were soft, so -- and I knew everyone was making a lot of birdies, so my attitude was to be aggressive. I tried to remind myself of that today, and it came back to bite me a couple times, but all in all happy with the way it went.

Q. You mentioned you think it be will passed. Rory is two back, so he might tie or break it. But, last question, I know he said you were the best dressed on TOUR. What's it mean to have that?

SAM RYDER: Oh, no, it's cool. A lot of people sent me that. Rory's a guy that I've looked, I've kind of idolized. We're obviously not far off in age, but he was out here as a prodigy from a very young age, and a guy that, you know, going through college, watched swing videos. I think he's tried to handle a lot of media and a lot of publicity and a lot of things with as much grace as he possibly can. I've said this before, I'm not always envious of those guys having to answer questions all the time, but it's cool, it's a guy that I've looked up to and a great ambassador for the game. So it was funny, a lot of people sent me the post, and I think he likes some of the Greyson stuff I wear, so I'll take it.

Q. As a local resident here, what does it mean to have a tournament like this and we're talking about birdie records and so close to home?

SAM RYDER: It was, I felt a lot of energy with local friends, family, definitely felt a lot of local support here. I grew up in Orlando area, but I've lived, been here since 2017. So I have a lot of friends and felt a lot of support. It's always nice to sleep in your own bed and play in front of friends and family, and heard a lot of fans in my corner. Always pushes you through, especially when you maybe have some bogeys and some down holes, it kind of keeps pushing you, makes you want to keep fighting.

Q. What was that happened on 13?

SAM RYDER: I, honestly, the wind was really swirly today. It went from being west southwest to east, southeast, northeast at times. It switched kind of halfway through the round. We knew that. I, honestly, made what I felt like was a really good committed swing there, and you could just see the ball just got stood up by the wind. Unfortunately, it came up short. But that's what happens out here. That's why it's tough.

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