THE PLAYERS Championship

Sunday, March 17, 2024

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, USA

TPC Sawgrass

Brian Harman

Quick Quotes

Q. So near yet so far for you.

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, just needed a couple more. Missed a couple short putts to start. I had my chances, just didn't cash in. 4-under today. I'm proud of the way I fought back, birdieing 7, 8 and 9, then birdie on 11, birdie on 15 to get within one. I wish I could have the drive on 16 back. I wish I could have the putt on 18 back. Really thought that wedge shot on 18 was going to nestle up there close, but it's just how it goes.

Q. Did you have any power lip-outs or horrible horseshoes like we just saw?

BRIAN HARMAN: Nothing like Wyndham. That's a heartbreaker there. He putted so well. We were sitting in there watching the end, I knew he hit a good putt and that one probably should have gone in.

Q. What do you make of Scottie coming from five back?

BRIAN HARMAN: He's the best player in the world, and this is a championship golf course, and so -- as far as if you look at it on paper, the best player this week won. That's kind of what you want in a golf tournament. We all had our chances, and he just performed -- he out-executed two or three more times than the rest of us.

Q. When you come close like today, is it a weird sort of mix where you feel happy, but also sad?

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, I'm bummed. I wish there was a couple I could have back. There were a couple putts. But I got behind the 8-ball kind of early. Didn't birdie 2, had a great look at 1. Got into trouble on 6, made bogey. I'm 1-over through 6 and shooting 4-under, I played 5-under the rest of the way in. Sometimes you just get beat.

I kind of shot myself in the foot the first day or I could have really done something special this week.

Q. What do you mean you shot yourself in the foot?

BRIAN HARMAN: Just shot even par.

Q. Just a bad round?

BRIAN HARMAN: My prep was more like what I've done the last three days, and the first day I just couldn't get anything going. I was tied for 75th place after the first day, so it's hard to come back from that.

Q. They all count the same and you can look at day one, day two, day three, you can look at anything.

BRIAN HARMAN: Yeah, it's one shot here, one shot there, but I played some great golf, especially the last three days, so I'm proud of that. If you would have told me that I had a putt to force a playoff on 18 after the first day, I would have called you crazy. It sucks to be done playing golf now, but excited about the future.

Q. What was the read there on 18?

BRIAN HARMAN: It's just a tough putt. I'm wanting to get it enough speed, and it seemed like whenever I gave one enough break, it missed high, and whenever I felt like I played a little less break, it missed low. The right-to-lefters just kind of killed me today.

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