Arnold Palmer Invitational

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Bay Hill, Florida, USA

Bay Hill Club and Lodge

Justin Rose

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Q. (Question about withdrawing.)

JUSTIN ROSE: Disappointing to have to WD. It's been an exciting week. Playing, obviously, back in front of fans and, obviously, quite a visible WD, playing with Jordan out there, who got off to a great start. But, yeah, just kind of woke up with a bit in a sort of spasmmed lower back today and tried to kind of get through it. My warm-up was hard work and I just couldn't stay down in a shot. I missed basically every golf shot left to start the day. Even my little chip into the 4th hole out of the rough from the left-hand side was creating pain.

And just kind of, with the eye on next week and what have you, I just felt like it was a prudent call, just to call it at that point. But I felt bad with Jordan having momentum to sort of change, change the vibe of the group.

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