Arnold Palmer Invitational

Sunday, March 5, 2023

Bay Hill, Florida, USA

Bay Hill Club and Lodge

Tyrrell Hatton

Quick Quotes

Q. How would you assess how your last 45 minutes to an hour played out for you?

TYRELL HATTON: Well, obviously disappointed. Pretty much from the birdie on 7 we got right in the thick of it. Holed a great par putt on 8. Then, yeah, the putt on 9, I thought it was going to be so quick, like in general today I really struggled with like the really fast putts down the hill, pace, and then line was just, I was just struggling with 'em.

But generally I've played well enough tee to green to win the tournament today. So that's pretty disappointing. Normally putting is obviously quite a strength. So for me to have the long game as good as it was to then not take advantage of that really is disappointing. Yeah, I'm pretty gutted. It was nice to be up there and have a chance to win again. It's been awhile.

I feel like I coped with that side of it pretty well. I just didn't have it today on the greens in the end when I kind of needed it most. Yeah, it's kind of, it was pretty tough to take in that sense.

Q. I know it's tough to take now but how much confidence does this give you heading into next week at THE PLAYERS?

TYRELL HATTON: Yeah, I mean, sure, I'll take confidence from having another good week here. It's just so disappointing after I've worked so hard today and I come off the golf course and I see that I've only earned 110 FedExCup points, which I don't think moves us up very high. But unfortunately that's kind of, the breakdown seems pretty harsh in that sense. I guess that's another thing there to be fairly disappointed about.

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