Arnold Palmer Invitational

Thursday, March 7, 2024

Bay Hill, Florida, USA

Bay Hill Club and Lodge

Min Woo Lee

Quick Quotes

Q. Best part of today and what you're happy with?

MIN WOO LEE: Just really solid golf. I think a lot of confidence from last week. Yeah, I brought it on to this week. It's not a course where I played very well, so it's quite nice to have my first under par round and make a few birdies.

Q. Did something click at all last week or anything different over the before that?

MIN WOO LEE: I don't know, I think just going back to a driver that I really did well with, and then also a putter. I just think just very comfortable. I went to a course where I was familiar with, so it was nice.

Q. What kind of driver and what kind of putter and when did you switch back?

MIN WOO LEE: I just went back to the Paradym and then just back to the Stroke Lab putter, the red one.

Q. Right before last week?

MIN WOO LEE: Yeah, last week was the first time I kind of -- yeah, I had two weeks off and I went back to it.

Q. Feeling about playing the signature events, how do those feel maybe compared to other events, and to have a good start to one?

MIN WOO LEE: Yeah, it's obviously where you want to be. The best players in the world are here and, yeah, I'm proud to be here and, yeah, it's nice. It's obviously a tough course, didn't really have that much expectation coming in, just because I've nearly come last the last two times I played here. Yeah, just kind of not be too hard on myself. I've been playing well, so just keep that going.

Q. Is there something from the end of last year that you feel like you're doing again that contributes to that good play that you're playing well now?

MIN WOO LEE: Yeah, very similar game, I guess. Just a little bit more polished, I guess. My approach game has been a lot better, it's getting, has been improving over the past six months, so that's definitely a positive. That's one thing where I needed to work on, and last week was probably the first time I've been very happy with the approach game. I think I was 4th for the week. I never really see that, so I'm normally around the middle of the pack if I do decent, so it was good to be up there.

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