Arnold Palmer Invitational

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Bay Hill, Florida, USA

Bay Hill Club and Lodge

Wyndham Clark

Quick Quotes

Q. You were just asked about the mental challenge. When you have a couple stumbles like you did on the front nine, how difficult is it to sort of clear your mind and go forward?

WYNDHAM CLARK: The first one was unfortunate, just because I didn't hit that bad of a tee ball. Then I laid it up in the spot you're kind of supposed to, and kind of had a skinny lie. I never thought I would walk away with a double. So, I just chalk that up as, hey, unlucky, a couple unfortunate lies.

The one that really got me mad was on 9. Just because I missed the fairway by three yards, have a terrible lie, chip out to right in the middle of a really tough divot from 20 yards. Then my emotions got to me. I shouldn't have made double there, should have just been a bogey. But, really, I just, I got to go back to the things that make me successful and go back to my process goals for the day. The good thing is I did make that double on the 9th hole, so I had a long walk to the 10th, and I was able to collect myself and focus and then I rattled off three birdies in a row.

Q. Do you get a sense, with the wind, that some guys might be backing up, and just holding steady would get the job done today?

WYNDHAM CLARK: Yeah, this golf course, I mean you guys are watching and, but it is so difficult out there, and the wind gusting and the greens, there's not much turf on there, they're rolling so fast. With that said, I didn't think anyone was going to run away with it, and even if someone did, I don't really scoreboard watch. It's just so difficult and too hard to run away with it. I knew if I stayed around par today I would have a good chance tomorrow.

Q. Will had a four-shot lead when you made the eagle, but that was a 3, 3, 3. That's only been done one time since '83, Shane Lowry did it two days ago. Kind of describe that little run and how it got you going.

WYNDHAM CLARK: Part of that is we had a good wind for 10, 11, even into 12. Coming off a double on 9 I was pretty steamed. I was really proud of myself to hit a great 3-wood on 10, then wedge it in to gimmie.

Then, 11's one of those really tough tee shots. If you pull it off it becomes a birdie hole. I hit it in the fairway and had sand wedge in. Didn't hit my best wedge shot, but I had about a 15-footer, and made an awesome putt there.

Then, the hardest fairway to hit on the course was 12, but, fortunately, we had a kind of a wind down off the left, hit a good drive, and I had a 5-iron in, and hit a fantastic shot and made the putt. So, really it was just good execution and a wind that was favorable for those three holes.

Q. What's your confidence level right now putting? You seem to be sinking -- yesterday you made 160 feet or something of putts.

WYNDHAM CLARK: Confidence is really good. I'm bummed I missed a couple coming in on the last few holes, especially the one on 18. The nice thing is I've always been a good green reader, I just haven't been starting it on line the last year or two. Now, I'm starting to consistently start it on line and making putts, so it's been fun.

Q. Rory talked yesterday about how he wants the TOUR to be a little leaner, maybe more cut throat, fewer guys to keep cards. Is that something that you're in favor for, smaller fields and fewer members?

WYNDHAM CLARK: Yeah, I mean, I think it would be amazing if our TOUR was a hundred guys, and I kind of said this a few times, a hundred guys and we have 20 guys that get relegated every time, every year, doesn't matter who you are. It would be exciting. Because you come down to the end of the year, people are looking who is going to win the FedExCup, and then you're looking at who is not going to be here next year. So, yeah, I'm probably with Rory on that. I don't know what that number is, but I think it's just nice to elevate the product and make it to where the best players are playing on TV more often and against each other.

Q. If a hundred guys are keeping their card or whatnot, would that be a hundred-man fields all the way across the board and not 70?

WYNDHAM CLARK: This is a little outside of my pay grade, but I think that would be nice. I think a hundred-man field and then we would still have maybe a little bit bigger of a cut. It would be simple, because you know these hundred guys have a card and, no matter what, they're playing in the events and there's no, you know, this guy gets in or whatever sponsor invites. I think it would just be really easy. Then, if you lose your card, you go down to the next one, and vice versa. So, I don't know. I think that seems like an easy simple plan, but like I said, above my pay grade.

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