Chubb Classic presented by SERVPRO

Friday, April 16, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Bernhard Langer

Quick Quotes

Q. Great start here, 7-under. Your thoughts on the day?

BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, actually played quite nicely. Probably hit one loose shot and got a bogey right away, the third hole or whatever, third or fourth hole. But otherwise I played very solid. Very happy with the score in general.

Course was fantastic. The weather was beautiful. I was in good company with Kevin and Scott, so had a great day.

Q. Any big moments, big shots?

BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, I made one really long putt. I can't remember the holes. Maybe 5 or 6 I'm guessing. That was a nice bonus.

But otherwise it was all, yeah, just hitting good shots and getting it fairly close.

Par-5s, if I didn't reach them, I got them up-and-down out of the trap or pitched it close or any of that stuff. It wasn't a whole lot of stress on my round because I kept the ball in play. I think part of the key is to hit the fairways and miss all the shrubs and the lateral hazards and all that kind of stuff, which I did today. I drove it well. And then I hit a lot of greens. Didn't have too much trouble getting it up-and-down.

Q. Anything from playing the course again that you can use for the last two days?

BERNHARD LANGER: You know, there were the odd -- like 18, for instance, you can't see anything because it's a dogleg right. The trees block everything. I stood there before I hit my tee shot and I asked my caddie, I can see the left edge of the fairway bunker, how much room do I have to get in trouble right, and he guessed about 15. It was a good guess. But just for my own peace of mind, if I push it a bit or the wind takes it, so those are the kinds of things. I was still learning about the greens as I go along and a couple other small things. There's so many runoffs. My goal is hit the green and give myself a putt instead of struggling with into-the-grain chip shots and over and that kind of stuff which you can get on a regular basis.

Q. Is part of that like the no practice round stuff that we talked about yesterday?

BERNHARD LANGER: Maybe that will become a routine if it keeps going like this. Maybe I'll show up Thursday morning from now on and just go.

Usually that's not what I do. I've done it once or twice if I had to, but that's not -- I wouldn't call it ideal. Yeah, I have a great caddie who's done the homework, and as long as I hit it where I'm looking, we're in good shape.

Q. I'm not sure I've ever asked you, I saw you on 9 where you do sort of the old Arnold Palmer type cut swing --

BERNHARD LANGER: Oh, yeah, that used to be a trademark. Can you talk about where that comes from --

BERNHARD LANGER: Yeah, that comes from I can feel I'm coming over the top. So I can sense, oh, it's going left because I'm swinging outside in, then the reaction is immediately to hold it, and it's just an instinct that happens within a split second. As soon as I feel a bit of a pull, I kind of hold the blade open so the ball is not going to go but maybe slice back. I don't do that on purpose, it just happens. I don't want to come over the top. I'd like to be nicely on plane, but it doesn't always happen.

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