Chubb Classic presented by SERVPRO

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Craig Bowden

Lucas Black

Quick Quotes

Q. How did this relationship come about where he was the caddie?

CRAIG BOWDEN: Well, Lucas and I have been friends for 13, 15 years, something like that. He caddied for another buddy of mine, Jason Schultz, back at the Wayne Gretzky event a long time ago, and we just kept in touch and have grown really close as buddies and brothers in Christ and just enjoying each other's company.

Q. How many times have you --

CRAIG BOWDEN: This is it. This is the maiden voyage. We spoke a lot on the phone, and I help him with his golf swing from time to time, be it video and all that sort of thing. So yeah.

LUCAS BLACK: Yeah, at the BMW charity pro-am in Greenville, that's where we would see each other every year and play practice rounds together and even gotten paired together I think a few times. It's been a lot of fun. I hit him up on the phone, hey, give me some tips, what do I need to do, what do I got to do. I'm feeling this, what do you think. So it's been fun.

Q. How is your golf game?

LUCAS BLACK: It's good right now, doing a lot of practicing with my young boys, and so I finished a television show in the fall of 2019 so I've got a lot more time to get back out there, and I'm learning a lot out here. Craig is touching me a lot, so it's awesome.

CRAIG BOWDEN: I'm teaching him how to hit it short and keep it in play.

Q. What does golf mean to you? I know you played it in high school and played at Pebble --

LUCAS BLACK: Well, it means a lot. I love the game. I think you've got to use your imagination, or at least I do, around the short game area, and I think it kind of feeds into acting, too. You can create something and create shots.

You only get one take in golf. You might get multiple takes in front of a camera, but that's good, just accepting the challenge and it's a fun game. I love it.

The other day we got to teach the First Tee kids, and that was fun, just watching them hit balls and try to help them with a few tips. So I love the game.

Q. Did any of the kids know who you were?

LUCAS BLACK: They did, yeah. They recognized me mainly from "Tokyo Drift." A lot of the youngsters seen the "Fast and Furious" franchise.

Q. You've got another one coming up?

LUCAS BLACK: Got a cameo in "Fast 9" that comes out now I think in June. They keep pushing it back, but June I think right now is the date, so we'll see what happens.

Q. Are you still on "NCIS"?

LUCAS BLACK: No, I finished that in 2019. It's perfect timing, right before all the chaos.

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