Chubb Classic presented by SERVPRO

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Alex Cejka

Quick Quotes

Q. You've really come far on the back nine.

ALEX CEJKA: Yes, it was good. I've been playing well the last couple weeks. It all depends how many putts you make. I'm hitting good shots, giving myself a lot of good chances, and finally a couple were dropping. I'm pleased with that.

Q. This afternoon it was your putter?

ALEX CEJKA: It was of course good ball-striking that gave me a lot of good chances, but I putted pretty good. I hit a couple slick putts. I could have maybe made one or two more, but downgrain, downhill, you don't want to be too aggressive. I was just playing patiently golf and waiting for my better chances this week.

Q. If that happens tomorrow you're going to have fun.

ALEX CEJKA: I have fun no matter what. I'm just happy to be out here. I've been waiting many, many years to finally qualify here to this Tour. I'm having fun. It's a blast. I mean, it's a great group of guys here, three rounds, no cut, perfect golf courses. So far I'm having a blast.

Q. And you had to play on Monday?

ALEX CEJKA: Yes, I'm doing it a little bit the harder way than most of the guys. I have to play a practice round on Sunday and then qualify. You know, I did it twice, in Tucson and this week, and twice it worked out, so I'm happy.

Q. If you finish top 10 tomorrow you qualify for the next event --

ALEX CEJKA: Yeah, we'll see. I just want to play good golf. I have so many tournaments this year coming up, a little bit PGA, a little bit Korn Ferry, a little bit here. I have plenty of starts. It's great, obviously, to choose where you want to play. That's kind of the benefit. But I think it's the best step. I've got to play good, 18 more holes, we'll see what happens, and then we go from there.

Q. Are you enjoying it more out here would you say?

ALEX CEJKA: Oh, yeah. I have still a little bit past champions' status on the PGA TOUR. Can't get me a lot of starts now in the summer with those big tournaments, but this is where I want to be. This is kind of where I belong now, when you're 50. I can't play against those 23-, 24-year-old guys on the PGA TOUR. I mean, nobody -- well, some can. But it's just so difficult. Those guys are so long, make that game so simple and so easy. You know, as I said, I'm happy that I'm 50 and I'm playing here.

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