Chubb Classic presented by SERVPRO

Saturday, April 17, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Robert Karlsson

Quick Quotes

Q. Robert, you follow a good round yesterday with another one today. What was going well today?

ROBERT KARLSSON: I probably actually hit the ball a little bit better today than I did yesterday. A couple of bad shots, but that always happens. I'm just enjoying playing golf again. It's been a long time since November it feels like when we had sort of a good streak going. I just used the last six weeks trying to prepare for a long season ahead, and kind of just happy to get going.

Q. You mentioned yesterday you had come down earlier and played the course. Has that continued to help you?

ROBERT KARLSSON: Oh, yeah, definitely. It has definitely helped, definitely for the tee shots. I put in a bit of extra work and kind of hitting some of the low tee balls, which is useful here. There's a bit of wind and a lot of trees protecting the fairways, so if you can keep it underneath the tree line, it's quite easy; you can take a bit of the wind out, which is nice. Yeah, definitely it was a good move.

Q. How does it feel to be up there when you have Couples and Stricker and Bernhard?

ROBERT KARLSSON: It's enough to worry about my own ball, I'm pretty sure. Look, I've done this before. Even though I'm not very well-known in America, I've had a few chances in Europe and won a few tournament in Europe, so I know when I get lost in what players around me are doing, it's very hard. So my focus for tomorrow is just to focus on my own golf ball and to go out and play and enjoy and also take all the pressure off. I know there's plenty of tournaments to come, and I'm definitely happy to play well straight out of -- from starting, so I'm just very pleased.

Q. What about your game has been sharpest, like off the tee?

ROBERT KARLSSON: Off the tee it's been good. You have to be good around here. I missed a couple today, but I got away with them, as well. I'm not going to apologize for that; that happens every year. No, just enjoying to be out here, and I worked a bit with my coach from Sweden, which was a bit of a mission during COVID, but he came over, and he also worked with Madelene Sagström on the LPGA, so it was very useful to have him over here for a few days. We went to Congaree and practiced. Had a fantastic few days there. So I feel like things are under quite good control what I'm doing, then you've obviously got to pull it off all the time, but it's trending in the right direction and I'm very happy with my position.

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