Chubb Classic presented by SERVPRO

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Brad Faxon

Quick Quotes

BRAD FAXON: I've heard -- I haven't seen him, but I know which house he bought. I read what he paid for it. I don't know if that's true. I don't know if you saw the statements. I don't know, I'd speculate on why he's buying there. He sold his house -- his kids are closer to school where we are.

Q. What about just generally that community, a lot of players --

BRAD FAXON: It's beautiful. When we moved down, Ian Baker-Finch lived there, Louis, Schwartzel, Branden Grace, Shane Lowry is renting in there, Floyd lives there, Darren was there a long time ago, Westwood was there, ages ago Chubby Chandler helped to resurrect the place when it first started and then it was kind of financially falling apart and he brought some Tour players down. Now it's like everything in Florida is sold out. There's no places left anywhere. It's crazy.

Q. Any word on Jesper's?

BRAD FAXON: No, Jesper's house is up in Hope Sound. He says he's got an offer and a contract. He's just dying to -- he's been in that house for so long. He doesn't know where he's going to go, either.

Q. Did you say Ernie is not there?

BRAD FAXON: Ernie just sold his house and moved into -- he bought in Seminole Landing, which is right next to -- it's part of Seminole. You can't buy where you sell; is that the saying?

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