Chubb Classic presented by SERVPRO

Sunday, April 18, 2021

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Tim Petrovic

Quick Quotes

Q. 7-under today. Nice effort.

TIM PETROVIC: Thank you. Just had one three-putt and just pretty much kept everything in front of me and just tried to stay patient because the greens are -- I mean, they look like pool tables, but they're tricky. There's a lot of grain in them. We had one hole today where I think Vijay -- we had three guys putting from 30 feet. One guy missed four feet left, one guy missed four feet right, and I missed two feet -- you just don't see that, so that shows you just how tricky they are.

Drove it a little better. I was kind of off yesterday. I probably mis-hit about half my shots I told my caddie. But no, just got some rest last night and felt good this morning. Had breakfast at the club and they told me no excuses today. They fed me good.

Q. The last few holes did you kind of sense it wasn't going to be quite enough?

TIM PETROVIC: Well, I went for the birdie on -- I made really good birdies on like 11, 9, 12, went for the birdie on 13 and I had about a three-footer coming back and I just pulled it. That was disappointing. You know, just tried to keep the hammer down and left it short right in the middle on 18 after Scott made it. Scott said, I'll show you the line. He did, he made an eagle and I just missed mine. But I didn't hit a great tee shot, but I had 275 -- I hit a 2-iron, probably the best shot I hit all day, landed front, ran up there.

But I'm happy. I'm happy. After six weeks off, I was getting bored. I was running out of stuff to do. We'll get this thing going.

Q. You played here a couple years ago, did you not?

TIM PETROVIC: We played at Twin and I finished second.

Q. Three years ago?

TIM PETROVIC: 2018 -- '17, you're right.

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