Chubb Classic presented by SERVPRO

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Steven Alker

Quick Quotes

Q. Steven, great day. I think you finish at 7-under for the day today. Just give us your thoughts on the round.

STEVEN ALKER: Yeah, I kept my nose clean most of the day, to be honest. I think I only hit one bogey or a water ball somewhere.

But, yeah, nice finish. Obviously I finished with eagle. I just kind of took my chances where I could, so I was really pleased. After yesterday I kind of scrambled a little bit yesterday of wasn't feeling great, so nice to come back with a day like that.

Q. Can you just take us through that eagle on 18.

STEVEN ALKER: Yeah, 18 was playing tough today. It was straight into the wind, different to the whole week, so it was just two good hits to get up there. I hit a really nice 3-wood. Just kind of stayed on the green. It's a tough green to hit.

And the putt, I had a really nice putt, and I thought, Whoa, it's going to go left, but hung in there. Yeah, just really pleased to finish that way.

Q. Just talk about your season out here. I think it was 10 out of 11 Top 10s and a win out here.


Q. Overall thoughts.

STEVEN ALKER: I'm just enjoying myself. Not just because I been playing well. I'm just enjoying the new atmosphere and being amongst these guys. It's just a lot of fun and I'm enjoying my golf. It's come around. It's clicked at the right time.

It's just nice being kind of in the mix and having a chance to win golf tournaments. So it's a whole combination of things. I'm just having fun.

Q. What's been the best part of your game in this great run?

STEVEN ALKER: Kind of everything really. You know, driving it pretty good. Keeping it in play. Iron game has improved. Wedge game has got to be great out here. I've always had pretty good wedge game, so that's kind of one thing you got to keep working on out here. Guys are so good with their wedges and obviously putt well.

But the whole game has been pretty solid these last few months.

Q. Did you always feel when you got out shot out here this could be a great fit?

STEVEN ALKER: Yeah, you know what? It was just hard to say. You know, I kept playing. I was playing the Korn Ferry Tour and a plentiful schedule and stayed in pretty decent shape. Yeah, I was just excited to get out and play and have a go and get amongst these guys.

As I said, my game just kind of turned around at the right time and doing the right things and just giving myself a chance. So, yeah, I think the biggest thing is the body, just staying in shape and staying competitive.

Q. What's been the greatest part of putting yourself there continually, always in contention?

STEVEN ALKER: Yeah, I think confidence. Yeah, good finishes build confidence and then rolling with that. I think that's the big thing. I'm playing with a lot of freedom, which is great. Probably the most freedom I've played with for a while.

That's always good, and I'm pretty confident when I get some freedom and get going. Like to think I'm not too scared, I keep going. That's what you got to do out here. These guys are good, so just keep playing.

Q. Just tomorrow looks like it's going to be a great shootout. What are you looking forward to most tomorrow?

STEVEN ALKER: Again, just being amongst -- in the heat, you know. Be trying to beat Bernhard Langer. I mean, that's really cool. I think it's the coolest thing overall, yeah.

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