Chubb Classic presented by SERVPRO

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Naples, Florida, USA

Tiburón Golf Club

Dicky Pride

Quick Quotes

Q. Talk me through the ace, what number, how fun --

DICKY PRIDE: That was a lot of fun. I was 97 front, 213 hole with a left-to-right wind. It was trying to help a little bit. I just hit it on a really good line. It took a great bounce and disappeared.

Q. How many is that for you in competition?

DICKY PRIDE: In competition, 10.

Q. Between both tours, all tours?

DICKY PRIDE: Between all tours and when I was younger, amateur -- I've had 15 total and 10 in competition. But some of those are not competition out here. I think it's my first Champions Tour.

Q. Top 5 finish, you've got to feel good about that.


Q. You played so solid all week long.

DICKY PRIDE: I did. I did. I hit the ball really solid. I rolled the ball good. I had a little mess-up on the 18th, obviously, but I think I can chip the ball a little bit better. I'm a little bit disappointed with that, and I think I can play a par-5s a little bit better. But I'm very happy with overall my game. I'm driving the ball really good with the exception of 17 today, which that kind of stunk, but that's the way -- I'm not the first to hit a bad drive. That's a tough hole. I'm happy with my wedge game into -- my wedge distance control has been really good, so I'm giving myself a lot of opportunities.

Q. I hear it gets you into Tucson.

DICKY PRIDE: Gets me into Tucson, gives me another opportunity. Sandy Diamond and John with Chubb, they gave me an opportunity. I'm on a sponsor exemption. It's a really big deal for me to play well here, and it was a really big deal to have the opportunity to play here I'm really appreciative to Chubb and everybody for giving me that opportunity.

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