Valspar Championship

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Abraham Ancer

Quick Quotes

Q. First round in, you're coming in at 4-under. Talk me through this opening round.

ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah, pretty solid round. Actually I didn't hit my irons my best, but I found a way to score really well, made some good putts, made the putts that I needed to make to keep the round going and finished up with nice birdie, which is always nice.

Q. Only hiccup of the day came on No. 16, that kind of opening hole of the Snake Pit. What problems, what has the Snake Pit shown this week?

ABRAHAM ANCER: That's a great hole. It's actually my favorite golf hole on the course. Obviously very challenging. I just hit it through the fairway, hit a pretty decent recovery shot just short of the green and then I hit a terrible chip shot and then I was in a tough spot to make par.

So bogey on that hole won't kill you, obviously it wasn't my plan to make bogey, but it's all right, first round, I put myself in a good position and hopefully we just keep it going.

Q. Early on in the week, so what are takeaways from today that you'll be using moving forward this week?

ABRAHAM ANCER: Yeah like I said, I feel like I didn't strike my irons that well. I hit it nice off the tee, but just my irons, my second shots, I was hitting a little bit kind of on the heel and I missed some short right, didn't put myself in bad spots, I could get up-and-down. But, yeah, it tells me if I keep it rolling like that and hit some good shots in there I'm going to have a lot of good looks and it will be a good tournament.

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