Valspar Championship

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Michael Visacki

Quick Quotes

Q. Your first PGA start. Tell me about your day.

MICHAEL VISACKI: It was a lot of fun. Much different than playing the mini tours. It was unbelievable experience.

Q. Tell me about that opening hole, got a birdie. What did that feel like?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Yeah, it was awesome. I thought I was going to be a little bit more nervous than I was but I felt calm, had a good warm-up session and striped one right down the middle.

Q. You had a big following and support system out there. What did that mean to you?

MICHAEL VISACKI: It meant the world. I play a lot with the people that were following me, so to have their support this whole week has been unbelievable.

Q. Has it started to settle in? How do you, how does all this attention that you've been getting, what do you make of it?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Nothing really, just keep focusing on one shot at a time. Just try my best pretty much.

Q. What's your goal going to be tomorrow?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Go out and shoot the lowest round possible. Make as many birdies as I can.

Q. What was the highlight of today's round?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Definitely probably the drive on No. 1 or the birdie putt on 13 in front of however many people, making that putt, that was pretty special.

Q. You seem to play well when the crowd was getting really pumped up.

MICHAEL VISACKI: Yeah, it was getting the juices flowing a little bit. Everyone's been so supportive of me this week and I appreciate that and I'm going to go out and shoot a low one tomorrow.

Q. What did it mean having your dad out there following?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Oh, man, what we have gone through. Pretty special. I love him to death. And my mom too. (Laughing).

Q. Do you remember coming to this event as a kid?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Oh, yeah. 17 years ago, just being a little kid thinking about one day I'll be here and it's pretty special that it was at this golf course too.

Q. How do you think this experience will help you grow as a professional golfer?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Going to teach me a lot what I need to work on and what can I do to get better and so that I'm able to come out here and compete full-time.

Q. Seeing the guys were you with playing with Brad and another kind of Monday or a grinder like yourself and then a guy like Hank, who you grew up with, right? What was that like?

MICHAEL VISACKI: It probably made me a little bit more relaxed knowing that I played with Hank back in our junior golf days. And Brad also being another grinder, just like me.

Q. What did Hank say to you?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Are you nervous? I said, Just a little bit. But enjoy it and take it one shot at a time.

Q. What was last night like for you as you get into bed, your head hits the pillow, what runs through your mind?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Making sure I get enough rest, because it's going to be a long few days, so I just got to make sure that I'm mentally prepared and just live my dream.

Q. Did sleep come easily?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Last night was a little bit easier than even really even the Monday qualifier, actually. I had barely got any sleep that night, but last night was probably the first night that I've actually gotten some decent sleep this week.

Q. When you were asked about your father a few minutes ago you, what you said was what we have gone through. Did you take time to think about any of that at all in the last 24 hours or do you try to keep that at bay?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Oh, I mean, yeah, I definitely did think of all of the times we went out, practiced, grind, keep practicing, keep playing. He would drop me off some days when I couldn't get, when I didn't have my driver's license and then he would pick me up in the afternoon in the summer. We have -- he's literally been there by my side this whole time.

Q. I was just talking to Kaylor and he said that watching you out there, it's an inspiration for anybody who goes through this grind. Does it seem sort of surreal that you're being held up now as this image of the dream come true?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Yes and no. I hope that it gives other guys like me inspiration to keep going, because I know a lot of guys that just give up, they're like, Oh, you know, I'm not good enough, I don't think I'm good enough, or, I'm not good at this or I'm not good at that. Just kind of forget about that and focus on you know how good you are because you're still trying to do this for a living and just one shot at a time.

Q. Did you ever come close to feeling that way yourself?

MICHAEL VISACKI: Not really, no. I felt like I did still have this game and I could compete, so I really never gave it that mental thought.

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