Valspar Championship

Friday, April 30, 2021

Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

Innisbrook Resort (Copperhead)

Keegan Bradley

Quick Quotes

Q. Walk off way to end the round. Another highlight to finish around here. Spectacular shot, spectacular day.

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it was. I birdied 6 and eagled 9 and I turned a good day into a great day. Man, it was a fun day and what a way to finish. It was a blast.

Q. Walk me through the shot, the number, the club, everything -- up the hill, the 9th, it doesn't matter how emotional you get afterward, you don't have to worry about calming yourself down for another swing.

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, I had 119 adjusted, hole. I played it 125, a little into the wind, and I hit the shot and you can't see it from where we are, so you kind of have to wait for a reaction and then when people put their arms up, normally that means it goes in. But, wow, what an exciting way to finish.

Q. The putter was solid today, when you needed it for a par save. Yesterday it felt like it was the birdie putts you needed to hit, today a couple of mid-range putts today to really keep the round going from a par-saving standpoint. How confident are you in it right now?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: As it is for everybody, but especially for me, it's about everything I do with putting. And things have been really going well with the putter and these last two days they were great. I mean, I made all the putts I should have made and I snuck in a couple longer ones too.

So obviously got to keep that rolling, but out here on this course you hit the ball good you're going to be all right. So to make an extra couple putts is a bonus.

Q. Is there anything specific about the putter that you worked on the last two months that you feel like has freed you up to be as comfortable as you look out there? Because it just looks really -- effortless may be too harsh of a word to sort of describe how good it looks for you. But it looks really comfortable right now for you.

KEEGAN BRADLEY: It does. I wasn't able to use the Saber head that I used in my belly until recently, they couldn't figure out the weighting. And so I switched to that and then trying to have a little more straight back, straight through with my hands inside the putter to get my eyes way inside the ball like I did with the belly. And just, it's been clicking, so let's keep it going.

Q. Great finish. Tell us about that shot on 9.

KEEGAN BRADLEY: I had 119 adjusted, hole. I played six yard of hurt, 125, it was a little into the wind, and I hit a perfect shot. And like I've been saying, you can't see the green from down there, so you have to wait for the crowd's reaction. And when everyone puts their arms up normally that means it goes in. So another bonus of having fans out here, it makes it a lot more exciting for everybody.

Q. What club?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: 52, gap wedge.

Q. Did today's round feel a little more different than yesterday when maybe it felt like an easy 64?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it did. Today's round was definitely a lot tougher. I didn't play as clean. But my birdie on 6 and eagle on 9 really turned everything, turned it to kind of just a good day to something really good. So what a bonus that last hole was.

Q. Had a really lot of solid finishes the last few months. What do you think could be the difference for you in getting over the top and finishing at the top of the leaderboard?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Well, I got to go out there this weekend and play my best and stick to my process and do all those stupid cliches all us golfers always yap about. But I feel good. I got a great caddie on the bag, I got a great coach, my family is here, it's a lot of good things coming together. So if it's not this week, maybe it will be next. But I feel like I'm in a good spot.

Q. I saw you had a special visitor come out and see you right after you teed off on the second hole here. Obviously, it means a lot to have your family here, but to be able to share those moments like that with your son and just have a dad moment like in the middle of all this?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Yeah, it's so amazing, because he has -- I always wonder what he thinks is going on out here. Because he says -- he's only three, so he doesn't really get why I'm out here, there's ropes there, he doesn't care about the ropes. So he came and ran out and I hugged him. And it's just so great, it's so great to have him out here.

Q. How recently did you get the Sabertooth head on your putter?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Phoenix this year. Yeah, so I, for whatever reason I couldn't get the loft right and we just, I hadn't asked in a couple years, and I just asked. And it's a very familiar head for me and it's been working.

Q. Have you ever had a walk-off of that?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: I had one other. I had it at Rocket Mortgage, probably three or four years ago on 18. I holed out. And it's a really bizarre sort of feel, because you're done for the day and you're, I don't know, it's really strange, but it's amazing, obviously.

Q. How do you celebrate that?

KEEGAN BRADLEY: Go home and go to bed. I'm exhausted. No celebrating yet.

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